Demon’s Souls Remake Reportedly Has a PS4 from PlayStation Database

A new report states that there is another console version of popular video game Demon’s Souls Remake.

According to the report, it was found out that there is a PlayStation 4 version of the game in the PlayStation database. This meant that it could have a port of the game on the current-gen console sometime in the future. Or not.

Twitter user PlayStation Game Size clarified that the data found might have been from a version that was cancelled previously, or a version that could be released soon, or it was a small Test Version that the developers made.

Speaking of developers, there was no confirmation from Bluepoint Games if this was true.

As always, take this report/rumor with a grain of salt.

If it were true though, would you buy the game on PS4?

Demon’s Souls Remake is currently available on PlayStation 5.

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