Console Performance Will Not Be Affected by Denuvo Switch Software

It will be fully offline and will not require online checks.

Denuvo has recently shared a statement in regards to its upcoming Denuvo Switch software protection for Nintendo Switch games.

In a new statement by a Denuvo representative, the company assures that its upcoming Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection solution will not affect the console’s performance when playing the games with the security measure. They also clarified that Nintendo is not directly involved in this endeavor.

Yesterday, Denuvo announced that it will be implementing its famous anti-tamper software in Switch games in the future. The purpose is to protect the games from getting played on PC emulators, which has become rampant recently. While a few are welcoming this change, most of the gaming community are worried that this would hinder performance specifically on the Nintendo Switch console.

Media outlet Kotaku shared the response they got from Denuvo’s representative. Here’s what they said:

“Because of NDAs, we are not allowed to disclose company names, but we can say this solution comes from strong demand from publishing partners,” the spokesperson stated. The company claimed it would not hurt “in-game” performance. “Software publishers and Denuvo take great care to deliver the best gaming experience,” they continued. “The protection is designed not to affect the gamer’s experience, and it does not have any in-game performance impact. It is the same for this new solution when protection is only active in non-performance critical code parts.”

The representative also said that Denuvo’s DRM will not rely on online checks. They know that the Nintendo Switch is a mobile console and has limited online capabilities. They have designed its upcoming security measure to be fully offline without any online checks done.

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Are you convinced of Denuvo’s statement and assurance?