Destiny 2: How to Fish

Learn how to fish in Destiny 2. Dive into the depths of this new event introduced in Season of the Deep. Reel in epic catches with Destiny 2 Fishing activities!

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Did you know that fishing is in Destiny 2 now? Or at least in the form of a seasonal event? Well, now you know. Fishing in Destiny 2 allows Guardians to take a break from the chaos of battle and enjoy some serene moments while reaping the rewards of a good catch. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to become a master angler in Destiny 2.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 fishing seasonal event including how to start it, steps for the Gone Fishin’ quest line, and the kinds of fish you can expect to catch during the event.

How to Unlock Fishing in Destiny 2

To start fishing in Destiny 2, you’ll need to complete the introductory quest for Season of the Deep. First, complete the Into the Depths quest. Then, receive the Gone Fishin’ quest by talking to Hawthorne in the Tower.

How to Unlock Fishing in Destiny 2

Unlocking fishing in Destiny 2 is a step-by-step process and this is how it goes: the Guardian (you) found some Golden Age tech at the conclusion of Operation Thunderbolt (Twilight) Mission. This little device will allow you to fish. From the in-game text, it is most likely that the inhabitants of the floating platforms used it and spent their recreational time fishing for alien fish.

You will then be directed to consult an expert in surviving in the wilds of Earth – Hawthorne. Maybe with a little instruction, you will be able to put it to good use. So you then head to the Tower to have a talk with Hawthorne about something other than Raid Banners. Speak with Hawthorne to start the Gone Fishin’ quest where she will give you a fishing rod.

How to Fish in Destiny 2

Collect Bait: To progress the Gone Fishin’ quest, first, you need to collect 20 Bait. Once the Bait is gathered, the quest will update, and players will head to the Outskirts to begin fishing. The fastest way to collect bait is by doing the following missions/activities:

  • Salvage – 18 Bait
  • Deep Dives – 14 Bait
  • Playlist Activities – 7 to 8 Bait
  • Public Events – 7 Bait
  • Patrols – 2 Bait
  • Destination Materials – 1 Bait

Check Fishing Tackle: The Fishing Tackle is the box where you store the bait. Check your Fishing Tackle in your inventory to locate the best fishing spot that has an “increased activity” buff. It enhances your odds of catching better fish like Legendary or Exotic varieties.

Cast your line: To start fishing, stand near the designated fishing spot, and when prompted, press and hold E (square or X on the controller) to cast your rod and start fishing. Press E (square or X on the controller) again when the bobber goes underwater to reel in the fish.

Reel in the Fish: It’s all about timing here. In a split second, the bobber goes under, a “Perfect Catch” message will appear, followed closely by a “Catch” message. This action will reel in your fish. Should you miss the timing window for both, the fish will have gotten away and you will lose a piece of bait. Get the perfect catch to improve your odds of getting Legendary fish.

When you catch a fish in Destiny 2, one Bait from your inventory is consumed. Fishing without Bait is possible, but it lowers your chances of catching high-quality fish. In total, there are 28 unique fish waiting to be caught:

Uncommon Fish (4/4)

  • Cydonian Cichlid
  • At Least It’s a Carp
  • Hadrian Koi
  • Minueting Mackerel

Rare Fish (14/14)

  • Aachen Cichlid
  • Chiron’s Carp
  • Koi Cirrus
  • Madrugadan Mackerel
  • Gold Trevallyhoo
  • Agronatlantic Salmon
  • Travian Toad
  • Lamian Lobster
  • Cup Bearer Catfish
  • Allegrian Jack
  • Cuboid Cod
  • Gusevian Gar

Legendary Fish (10/10)

  • Drangelfish (Baroque)
  • Salvager’s Salmon
  • Gnaqing Hun Gar
  • No Turning Jack
  • Cod Duello
  • Temptation’s Haddock
  • Ignition Toad
  • Deafening Whisker
  • Servant Lobster
  • Galliard Trevally

You need to catch an instance of each fish to unlock Aquarium Decorations. It’s a little silly but a very welcome change of pace to the usual Space Wizard action we’ve all been accustomed to. Please note that there is no counter Exotic fish yet. At least to our knowledge. For all we know, the Hidden Triumphs are the Exotic fish.

Destiny 2 Fishing Quest Rewards

Destiny 2 Fishing Rewards 

To complete the Destiny 2 Gone Fishin’ Quest you should complete the tasks in the following fishing locations:

  • Catch fish in the Outskirts of the EDZ (5/5)
  • Catch fish in The Cistern on Nessus. (5/5)
  • Catch fish in the Miasma in Savathun’s throne world (5/5)
  • Release your caught fish at the aquarium in the H.E.L.M.

The quest requires you to release a certain number of fish in your possession. Releasing Legendary fish will reward you with a very handsome bounty of Legendary Reckoning Weapons. Releasing Rare or Uncommon fish will only result in reputation gain. Though we suspect that the needle won’t really move unless you release a hundred or so fish into the tank.

Next, you have to return to Suraya Hawthorne in the Tower Bazaar. Reporting back to Hawthorne will reward you with Reckoning Weapons Legendary Engram.

And that’s everything we have right now on the fishing event for Destiny 2 Season of the Deep. We were all expecting deep-sea adventures with Sloane and the gang but we never really expected fishing to be part of this new update. There are a handful of Secret Triumphs for this activity. Check back here with us to find out details on them after they have gone live in Destiny 2. In the meantime, happy fishing, Guardians!

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep is out now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. The season will run from May 23, 2023, to August 22, 2023.