Destiny 2 Lightfall Raid Guide – Everything We Know So Far

This is what we know so far about the upcoming raid in Lightfall

Destiny 2 Lightfall Root of Nightmares

Destiny 2: Lightfall is finally here. And with the new expansion comes a new raid. Not too long ago, Bungie officially announced the name of the raid after its name was leaked. The raid is called The Root of Nightmares, and a haunting presence has been detected within.

Here’s what we know right now from official sources:

  • The Root of Nightmares raid will open on March 10, 2023, at 9 AM PST.
  • Contest Mode will be enabled for the first 48 hours of the raid going online.

The change to a 48-hour content has been a point of argument among members of the community who feel like committing more than a full night of raiding might be asking too much, even for a world-first title.

How to Access Destiny 2 Lightfall Raid – The Root of Nightmares

To even access the upcoming raid, you need to have purchased the Lightfall expansion through either the Lightfall Standard Edition or Lightfall + Annual Pass Edition. The difference being the standard edition gives you access to Lightfall content, while the Annual Pass will give you access to the content plus the season pass for all the seasons of Year 6 of Destiny 2.

From this point onwards, we will be diving into unconfirmed and spoiler territory. Consider this your warning.

Where Does the Root of Nightmares Raid Take Place?

According to Twitter user, D2Leaks, the raid will take place in yet another Pyramid Ship. But oddly enough, this one has been terraformed by something ancient. Whatever it is, it can’t be good.

“A Sinister force haunts Neomuna’s citizens. With your fireteam, board the Witness’ terraformed Pyramid ship and confront the ancient threat growing within.”

Possible Lightfall Raid Exotic Weapon

Players have begun posting online and looking through their collections to spot changes and new additions that others have previously been unaware of. A quick look in the Exotic Weapon Ornaments tab tells us that we’re going to get a new glaive. And not just a regular glaive in the energy slot, a glaive in the Power weapon slot.

Possible Lightfall Raid Exotic Weapon -  Destiny 2 Lightfall Raid - The Root of Nightmares

The weapon ornament above is called Nexus Sunrise, a weapon ornament for the Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive.

How do we sure that this might be the new Raid weapon? Because all the other Exotics have been accounted for and can be acquired right now. This one cannot be accessed yet.

Furthermore, D2Leaks have confirmed the weapon through data mining.

It should be noted though that there are players who opposed this notion, and instead say that this weapon is part of the Season Pass and can be acquired by entering the Vex Network. If true then the rumored Exotic weapon for the raid is going to be a Kinetic weapon of unknown design. Other sources say that the weapon is a double-barrel shotgun of some sort. That may be the case.


It is now confirmed that the raid-featured weapon is the new Conditional Finality shotgun. This weapon is capable of shooting a burst of both Stasis and Solar damaging pellets. A unique weapon, in our opinion.

Lightfall Raid Exotic Armor Sets

D2Leaks have also datamined armor sets that many believe will be the featured armor for the raid.

From what we can tell, the sets look like amalgamations of both Neptune and Hive influence. Users have noted the Hive-live design of the armor and a color palette resembling those seen on Neomuna.

Light Raid Exotic Seal

This also coming from Twitter user, D2Leaks.

We don’t have much else to say about this one just yet. Though it does look imposing with the centerpiece wrapped in vines. We will update the article once we know the name of the seal.

And that’s all the information we can find that has support from multiple sources. There are plenty of other rumors about the Lightfall Raid, and many simply are too unbelievable at the moment. We won’t know what’s what until Bungie officially announces these details. It’s just for a little more than a week, so stay strong Guardian. And keep grinding out your power levels.

Check out this video from Youtuber TeeGlizzy where he talks about the leaked information on possible Lightfall Raid Exotics and bosses.

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