Destiny 2’s Upcoming DLC Is Detailed: Curse of Osiris

Bungie has revealed more details about the upcoming Destiny 2 DLC, the Curse of Osiris. Players learn about the narratives, the characters, the settings, and the stakes.


  • Story:
    • With Curse of Osiris, Bungie are offering players mystery, adventure, new activities to play, new gear to earn, and new destinations to explore
    • We’ll find out more about who Osiris is and his backstory. The Vex also have a master plan…but what is it?
    • The story is set a few months post the Red War. The reawakening of the Traveler has had repercussions  – a wave of light that spread across the solar system and beyond. This has activated a gateway the Vex are using to assemble on Mercury from the past, present, and future. Ikora needs a hero to investigate, so turns to her most trusted Gaurdian – the player character who brought her back from Io.
  • Characters:
    • OSIRIS: With Curse of Osiris, Bungie wanted to put the character of Osiris front and center, as “The greatest Warlock that ever lived”. You will discover who he is, what he’s doing on Mercury, and what he took with him when he was exiled.
    • SAGIRA: Sagira, voiced by Morena Baccarin, is our first female ghost. She has an outspoken personality and thinks that the Guardians take themselves too seriously.
    • IKORA: Ikora makes a return to the story. She is starting to explore what she needs to be to become a stronger leader, as well as who she is as a human.
    • BROTHER VANCE: Brother Vance has returned to the lighthouse to guide the player, joined by other disciples who are eager to herald the return of Osiris.
  • New destinations: The stream shows in-game exploration of new destinations – Mercury and The Infinite Forest
  • offers a whole new mystery the player will solve. You will be able to explore lost sectors, chests, and public events, including a bespoke public event
  • The Infinite Forest offers players an infinite combination of fun experiences. Each time you play through the mission, you’ll engage unpredictable combinations of aliens across an ever-shifting landscape
  • The Infinite Forest is a network of machines located within the core of Mercury. There are pillars known as trees, which allow players to venture to different times, including the past, present and future. The Vex are using this simulation to investigate all potential realities and choose the one that best suits their plans to eliminate all life from the universe.
  • Lighthouse: The stream also took a visit to the Lighthouse. Everybody will get a chance to go to the lighthouse, which acts as a hub for the player experience on Mercury.
  • Light level: During the expansion, the player level will be raised to 25. Light level will be raised to 330 (or 335 with all mods).
  • Raid Lair:
    • Curse of Orisis also introduces the Raid Lair, a brand new activity that takes place on the Leviathan – ‘Eater of Worlds.’
    • The new Raid Lair offers new areas to explore, new encounters, new rewards, and a brand new boss for you to fight
    • Raid Lairs are activities that don’t take as long to complete, but are full of opportunities to die over and over again as you master new challenges with 5 of your friends
    • The next Destiny 2 Expansion will also have its own Raid Lair that will take you to different places on Calus’s ship
    • You do not need to complete Leviathan to play Raid Lairs
    • If you win, you get new guns, armor, and cosmetic rewards in each Raid Lair
    • We want to keep giving players new content to experience and satisfying the hunger for challenge. There will be an additional raid layer for EP2, scheduled for spring