Destiny API Gets Shut Down Again After Connection Errors Persists

Players are now frustrated.

Bungie has once again shut down the Destiny API after Destiny 2 gets various issues and errors.

Many Destiny 2 players are once again getting technical issues in the game as Bungie is now forced to disable the Destiny API for maintenance. Several complaints from players have been shared online this month and this time in higher quantity, which is surprisingly different from previous months this year. This is quite troubling for Bungie as the complaints are now stacking up high and had them push the maintenance button to finally get this over with.

In early December, the Destiny API was shut down due to many unfortunate circumstances. It had various glitches and errors which led to many disconnections and in-game problems. Since it has been shut down, players were not able to use the official Destiny 2 app and third-party websites and applications.

Bungie claimed to have fixed the first few issues, but it seems the fix was not enough. The damn has been broken and a stream of issues and errors came flooding in. Again, Bungie had to shut down the Destiny API for the second time. Again, the team will be working to fix the problems so everyone could use them again and not cause disconnections.

 Unfortunately, Bungie has not shared any details about when the Destiny API will be coming back online. The team did say they will be sharing updates when they are able, but so far no news from them. The players are just glad Bungie is now working on it.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.