Detective Pikachu Celebration Trailer Features Story And Gameplay

Detective Pikachu talking

Game Developer Creatures and publisher The Pokemon Company released a new trailer for newly-launched Detective Pikachu. It focused more on the story and gameplay.

Detective Pikachu story introduced

The new trailer introduced the story of the talking, hat-wearing Pikachu, and his partner, Tim, as they try to solve mysteries and crime in Ryme City. Players will get to interview different kinds of people and Pokemon living in this city. The duo will try to find clues, and put together the testimonies of the citizens in order to solve the case.

The video game was first released in Japan in Feb. 2016. The western version has a limited-edition, over-size amiibo of the new version of Pikachu. Using the figure will unlock certain short videos that can help players during their investigation. The game is exclusive for Nintendo 3DS only.

Check out the Detective Pikachu trailer below:


Check the official website here.

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