Develop your own Film Industry in G5’s Virtual City Playground® v. 1.16

Virtual City Playground

Enjoy HD graphics, convenient interface and more in 1.16 update

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a small film studio in Hollywood, G5 is making your dreams come true with the latest update of Virtual City Playground® for Android (Google Play), Kindle Fire & Fire Phone! The 1.16 update features over 50 new quests, new buildings like a 3D cinema, a Hollywood studio, a Film academy, a new type of houses, beautiful decorations and more.

In addition to loads of new content, this free-to-play city-building simulation now has more vivid, convenient and colorful new HD graphics and an improved interface. The Virtual City Playground 1.16 update is available for free download on the App Store, so get it now and develop your city into a thriving place of entertainment and wealth!

What’s New in Version 1.16:
This new free update of your favorite city-builder will keep you busy building your dream city for weeks!

  • NEW BETTER INTERFACE – Treat your eyes with beautiful HD interface.
  • SEE YOUR CITIZENS IN THEIR DAILY LIFE – Watch your happy citizens wander around their growing city, taking selfies and enjoying the outdoors.
  • BUILD AN ICONIC HOLLYWOOD STUDIO – Add a new entertainment building to help the industry boom.
  • BUILD A NEW TYPE OF HOUSES FOR YOUR CITIZENS – Construct row houses for your citizens.
  • 50+ NEW QUESTS – Over 50 uplifting new quests to captivate your imagination and keep you busy for weeks.


About the game:
Build the city of your dreams … and then run it!

  • Build dwellings and industrial buildings.
  • Manufacture a variety of retail goods and deliver them to your sleek and enticing shopping malls.
  • Set up a mass transit system to transport your city dwellers to parks, cinemas, stadiums and more.
  • Make your city greener and healthier by recycling garbage, planting trees, upgrading buildings and adding hospitals and fire stations.
  • Reward your happy, responsible citizens by organizing truly spectacular public events for them!
  • Take your city to towering new heights! Construct well-designed Apartment Towers, an Eco Skyscraper, an Airport, a Stadium, a Casino, a Hangar, an Ice Castle and even a Shuttle Launch Pad.


  • Over 480 uplifting quests to tackle as you grow and enhance your city
  • Nearly 190 buildings, landmarks and decorations for city beautification
  • Nearly 100 challenging achievements to earn and celebrate with your friends
  • Regular FREE updates to keep you stimulated and entertained


Virtual City Playground® is free to download for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.

Check out the game trailer here.

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