Diablo 4 Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith Walkthrough (Part 1)

A guide for the first half of the Act 1 quests in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Act 1 Walkthrough cover

Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith is the first act in Diablo 4‘s campaign. In this string of quest, the Wanderer gets involved in the impending war between heaven and hell and meets up with a girl named Neyrelle whose mother came in direct contact with Lilith, the Daughter of Hatred herself.

Read ahead as we go through the first half of Act 1 of Diablo 4.

Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith Walkthrough Quests (Part 1)

  • Ill Tidings
  • Tarnished Luster
  • The Knight and the Magpie
  • Undertaking
  • Below
  • In Her Wake
  • Storming the Gates
  • The Cost of Knowledge

Ill Tidings

After going through the Prologue and meeting up with Lorath in Kyovashad, Lorath suggests that the Wanderer head to The Cathedral of Light and meet up with Reverend Mother Prava to seek help and prepare of the prophesized coming of Lilith.

Head up north of Kyovashad and enter the cathedral where you will meet Prava who is talking to Iosef. Prava then tells you to travel over to Yelesna to know more about the reports of a demon sighting. You can also listen to Vigo’s report about the sighting and talk to Prava some more about other topics.


  • ~1,200 XP
  • ~300 Gold

Tarnished Luster

Travel to the southeast to Yelesna. At this point, you can take detours and level up before heading to the next town. Once you are in Yelesna, go to the Knights’ Garrison to talk to Captain Anker. He will tell you to check the mines in Pine Hill where the demon sightings have been reported.


  • ~1,600 XP
  • ~400 Gold

The Knight and the Magpie

Head northeast from the town to reach the Pine Hill mines. You will then meet up with Vigo who has been guarding the entrance to the mines. You will also meet Neyrelle, the girl that has reported the demon sighting, who insists to go into the mine and look for her mother. Vigo then relents and escorts the two of you to the mines. Follow the markers while defeating the enemies along the way. You will eventually find a door to the next area.


  • ~1,600 XP
  • ~400 Gold


The path through the mines is fairly straightforward with some few forks and short dead ends that are worth checking for some loot and potions. There are also plenty enemies along the way, but nothing majorly dangerous. Keep following the marker until you arrive at the Unstable Shafts where Neyrelle finds another way to get to the next area. Prepare for an ambush and clear all the enemies until Neyrelle opens the door.

In the Collapsing Depths, keep pushing through the enemies, but stay alert for falling rocks that can deal damage to you and to enemies. You will eventually reach an opening leading to the next area.


  • ~3,600 XP
  • ~500 Gold


In the next area, you will see a statue of Lilith which Neyrelle confirms as the demon she saw in her visions. Back track a bit to find a ladder that you can use to go down. You will then see a lift that you can ride at the end of the path.


  • ~2,000 XP
  • ~450 Gold

In Her Wake

Before you ride the lift, you will hear a noise coming from a gate. Go towards the Gate of Kasama and open it. You will then discover that all the soldier escorts have been killed. A barely surviving soldier tells what happened to them before succumbing. Vigo loses hope and leaves the mines, leaving you and Neyrelle to push on.

Jump the gap and go to the marked area to find Lilith’s blood petals. Interacting with is will show you the conversation between Lilith and Vhenard. Continue through the next rooms and corridors and prepare to fight against demons. Once you find a ledge, climb down and open the Gate of the Cradle up ahead.


  • ~2,000 XP
  • ~450 Gold

Storming the Gates

Continue to the next room where you will find another site of blood petals which will show more of Lilith and Vhenard’s conversation. Open the net gate and follow the path to go around the Courts of Dawn and defeat all the enemies ahead. Be careful of stepping on mines which can deal damage and leave you poisoned. You will find another gate in the northwest where another site of blood petals an be found.

Before you can interact with the blood petals, you will be ambushed by an elite enemy. Eliminate it, inspect the blood petals, then open the gate. Continue moving through the Cloisters of Dusk until you find the next gate. Protect Neyrelle as she dispels the barrier while you fight the demons that come, then go through the gate once the barrier is gone.


  • ~4,500 XP
  • ~600 Gold

The Cost of Knowledge

You will then arrive at The Black Lake where you will find Vhenard in a deranged state while the works on a ritual. Neyrelle tries to stop her mother, but Vhenard lashes out and finally lets herself be possessed.

You will then have to fight against Vhenard and the demons that she spawns. You will only need to defeat all of her spawns and every demon killed will take out a chunk of her health. After the fight, Vhenard finally dies and Neyrelle decides to stay for her mother.


  • ~6,400 XP
  • ~700 Gold
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