Diablo 4 Character Customization and Transmog Features

The extensive Diablo 4 character customization lets players create their own avatars as they see fit. Whether you want a baby faced Barbarian or a scarred Sorceress, you have control over what you want to look like in the game. Learn more about the character customization and transmog features in Diablo 4.

So how extensive is the Diablo 4 Character Customization? And can are there any transmog features?

How extensive is the Diablo 4 Character Customization?

The Diablo 4 character customization lets you tailor several physical aspects of your character. You can change your sex, hair, skin tone, hairstyle, and many more. There’s even the option to add tattoos and scars to your character.

From the beginning of Diablo 4, you’re asked to choose a class to play as and then you get to customize your character. There’s no gender lock for any of these classes so you can pick to play as either male or female depending on your preferred flavor. Diablo 4 customization offers quite a few options to help tailor the character you want to play as.

Each of the Diablo 4 classes have their own unique aesthetic. You can’t take away the muscular physique of the Barbarian for example but you do get the freedom to adjust just about everything else.

How extensive is the Diablo 4 Character Customization?

As for clothing, it can depend on your equipment and class. Though you’ll most likely be changing equipment as you play through the game. So expect your character to evolve throughout your time.

You can change the way you look at any time by accessing Wardrobes near your Stash which you can find in the main town hubs. If you don’t like the way you look, you can change it at any time by heading back to a safe location.

Are there any Transmog features in Diablo 4?

There are transmog cosmetics that you can equip to your character. This will change their appearance without influencing any of your stats.

You may be interested to make your character look a certain way. There are cosmetics on offer that will change the clothing of your character without messing with your current equipped armor. This lets you keep your current stats and look good at the same time.

Transmog isn’t also just limited to your character. You can also apply it for your mount as well if you want to travel in style. An example of this would be the Hellborn Carapace mount armor which you can get if you pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe edition of the game.

Are there any Transmog features in Diablo 4?

A lot of transmog cosmetic items in Diablo 4 can be bought from a cosmetic shop. This will be one of the game’s monetized features so expect to be paying premium currency for cosmetic sets.

If you don’t like the sound of the in-game cosmetic shop, worry not as this is only for purely cosmetic purposes. No cheating the system and getting ahead of the game by purchasing powerful armor that puts you ahead of the crowd. It seems Blizzard learned their lesson from the Auction House they implemented on Diablo III.

That’s everything about the Diablo 4 character customization and transmog features. We hope this article was informative.