Diablo 4 Classes Guide

Diablo 4 classes strengths and weaknesses.

Diablo 4 classes

After such a long time, we can finally get to see the Diablo 4 classes proper. And the best news is that it’s not a mobile game this time so we don’t need to worry about having to pay money just to grind them to their best. This guide functions as a huge help for those who want to know the classes and what they do in Diablo 4.

All Diablo 4 Classes List

Here are the five Diablo 4 classes available on launch:

  • Barbarian
  • Druid
  • Necromancer
  • Rogue
  • Sorceress

It’s likely that any additional classes will be added by Blizzard Entertainment on any expansion, much like the Crusader was in the previous game. For now we’re getting the five classes above during the game’s release this June 6, 2023 which you can play early on June 2 if pre-order the Ultimate edition.

Diablo 4 is bringing back the classic classes old school Diablo players are familiar with. Still, this being a new installment means they all have something fresh up their sleeves. These Diablo 4 classes were revealed on the official Diablo 4 website which gave us an early look on what they do.

Here’s a quick description of each Diablo 4 class and their specialty:

Diablo 4 Classes Barbarian


The bruiser with the powerful melee oriented attacks, the Barbarian is a brute who can take down crowds and tank hits like a champ. Why deal in complex strategies when hitting enemies with a stick does the job? Not to say that the stick is the Barbarian’s only option. The Barbarian can wield multiple different weapons giving him an advantage for any occasion with some particular skills tied to a certain weapon.

The Barbarian is the class for those who like it simple but want to build a tank. They have a focus on physical damage and defense. While the Barbarian has its own strengths, it also comes with some drawbacks that new time players should take note.


  • Barbarians can berserk which gives them a passive buff that deals 25% more damage and 30% more movement speed.
  • The core skills of the Barbarian are meant to be devastating which are further enhanced by buffs and other additional skills.
  • The Barbarian is an incredibly durable class allowing for tank builds that can take a lot of pain.


  • The Barbarian is Fury dependent which unfortunately depletes itself while outside of combat and gets additionally drained when using more powerful Core Skills.
  • Because many of the Barbarian’s weapon arsenal and skills are close combat oriented, it can be hard to dodge powerful attacks.
  • Barbarians can be a challenge to play early in the game due to how they still need to be built up first with proper weapons and skills.
Diablo 4 Classes Druid


The Druid is capable of transforming themselves into a massive bear or a werewolf to shred their foes into pieces. However shapeshifting isn’t the Druid’s only specialty as they can command earth and storm magic which means they aren’t defenseless just because they happen to be in human form. This magic isn’t a slouch either, since they can persist long after casting and continue to cause pain.

This class is for those who like having a complex playstyle and powerful builds. Some of the skills are locked behind certain forms for the Druid which are only available for a certain time. However, the Druid will usually be accompanied by two wolves no matter what form they’re currently in.


  • Werewolf and Werebear transformation are fun to play and are also devastating against enemies.
  • A lot of build variety to choose from with powerful range of skills which are great against both for single damage and crowd control damage.
  • Can easily generate Spirit, which is the Druid’s primary resource to cast powerful spells on the go.


  • Some of the more powerful abilities of The Druid are locked behind specific forms which their human form can’t access.
  • The Druid has a bit of a weak start and takes some time to become really powerful.
Diablo 4 Classes Necromancer


Being able to call the dead to serve them, the Necromancer class is never truly alone against the horde. They have access to numerous different playstyles where you can pick between the Army, Bone, Blood, and Darkness. It’s a class with a lot of variety to play around with.

The Army is a playstyle that summons hordes of skeletons to fight for you. It’s a good balance to accompany the other three playstyle and is great for letting others take damage for you.

Bone magic is a playstyle that primarily uses Essence. It has a good range of AoE spells that deal a lot of damage to hordes giving you more corpses to play around with.

Blood magic is a playstyle that drains enemy blood to buff you and your party. Abilities from these playstyle tend to restore lost health which keeps you in the fight during critical moments.

Darkness is a playstyle that loves to cause debuffs to foes. This let the Necromancer cast damage over time spells that can seriously put a damper on anyone’s day.

The Necromancer is the best class for those looking for powerful build varieties. Their primary resource, Essence, is what they can use to cast powerful spell. However they also use corpses as a second resource to turn the dead to their side in a pinch. While the Necromancer has other weapons, they’re the only class that can wield scythes.


  • Necromancer has the build variety allowing you to create balanced and even overpowered builds.
  • A great class for crowd control due to its easy generation of Essence and corpses.


  • Necromancers are better against crowds but are weak against singular strong enemies due to how possibly little corpses around the environment at the time.
  • Without investment in Blood playstyle, this class can be rather squishy.
Diablo 4 Classes Rogue


A stealthy assassin like class such as the Rogue has access to both melee and ranged physical attacks. Rogues are fast, versatile, and deal high damage all in a short amount of time. They can use swords, daggers, crossbows, and bows as their weapon of choice so they can fight no matter what range.

The Rogue has access to three playstyles: Combo Points, Exploit Weakness, and Shadow Realm. You can invest points into any of these specializations to create your own hybrid Rogue class in Diablo 4. Combo Points is a specialization that lets you build up points to use powerful skills on the Rogue’s arsenal. Exploit Weakness gives you insight to enemy weaknesses in order to deal devastating damage. Shadow Realm is a specialization that focuses on melee attacks that lure targets into a dark void.

The Rogue class is a great class to pick for those who love to do high damage using complex builds. Though the class does come with its own caveats underneath its strengths.


  • Rogues can deal extremely high damage thanks to their core skills as well as a range of passives that increase damage dealt.
  • There’s not many classes more nimble than the Rogue as they can easily avoid damage and get better positioning at a moment’s notice.


  • Rogues are reliant on positioning especially ranged builds as they can easily die when cornered thanks to how squishy they are.
  • The Rogue is a very technical class with plenty of conditions in order to maximize its abilities.
Diablo 4 Classes Sorceress


Summoning powerful elemental magic, the Sorceress can take out an entire crowd of enemies in a blink of an eye. Boasting what is probably the biggest AoE damage, this class is your go to for any serious threats. The drawback is that the Sorceress doesn’t have as much health leaving her rather vulnerable.

Thankfully the Sorceress is an infinite source of energy as she can passively regenerate her mana. A bit of a hard choice for those who don’t like glass cannons but her offensive capabilities more than makes up for it. Plus she has a good range of movement that allows her to dodge most attacks that could’ve been fatal.


  • The Sorceress is unmatched in crowd control and AoE damage abilities making her the single most dangerous class against hordes.
  • To offset her glass cannon status, the Sorceress can evade and teleport her way out of harm’s way making her particularly hard to hit.


  • The Sorceress is potentially the most fragile character with dangerous attacks leaving her in critical condition compared to other Diablo 4 classes.
  • This class doesn’t offer much buffs to boost her parties offense and defense capabilities.
  • While her mana does regenerate, the Sorceress really depends on that resource to even stay afloat in a fight.

Those are all the Diablo 4 classes and what they can do. We hope this article helped you decide which class you want to play.