Diablo Immortal Player Spends $100K on Character; Can’t Join Matches Anymore

And now he's regretting his decision of doing so.

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One Diablo Immortal player has already spent $100,000 on the game but it has backfired on him on matchmaking.

The YouTuber jtisallbusiness has reportedly (via Kotaku) invested more or less $100,000 into making his character Barbarian the most powerful character in the game. He did it in order to be powerful when he joins PvP and utterly destroy everyone in his path. Diablo Immortal allows that and gives tons of items that could help improve your stats but the amount of money you need will be quite a lot and this guy just did that. Unfortunately, it had a consequence that he did not expect.

In an unexpected twist of events, since the YouTuber’s Barbarian is so powerful, it did not let him join any matches because he had a very high matchmaking rating. Almost no one could even match up to him and could not find any opponents. He revealed that he has spent somewhere around 48 to 72 hours just trying to queue for a Battleground and instead he has not been able to join up.

Currently, jtisallbusiness is thinking of refunding his $100K that he spent on his character. We doubt Activision Blizzard would let go of that money anymore though.

Barbarian Legendary Items - Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is now available on mobile devices and PC.