Diablo Immortal Streamer Again Spends Lots of Money Without Getting Any Legendary Gems

And now double the money he spent last time.

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Diablo Immortal streamer who spent $10,000 on the game is back again and this time it is double the heartache.

Streamer Quin69, the Diablo Immortal player who spent a lot of money last time and still did not get any legendary gems, is at it again and this time, the money he spent has been doubled. The first time, he spent more than NZ$10,000 on the pay-to-win game without getting is targeted item: a 5/5 Star Legendary Gem. Now, he has gone beyond that.

After eight days and many Rift divings, Quin69 has now reached another milestone that is not to be celebrated. His latest stream reveals that he has now spent more than NZ$20,000. His luck has not improved at all since his first stream.

With how the Diablo Immortal’s controversial pity system works, Quin69 is nowhere near in getting a Legendary Gem. This is just a few weeks since his bad luck started and now the total amount is NZ$20,915.82. The best build needs six gems of this type so he has a long way to go in order to get that perfect build.

Youtube channel Bellular News, the one who exposed the pay-to-win tactics of Diablo “Immoral”, has recently calculated the amount needed to get those gems and he revealed it would cost around $110,000. It seems it is nowhere that amount with Quin69’s experience if his bad luck streak continues.

Quin69, on the flip side, has some good things happen to him though. With his wild antics last time and his persistence of getting that Legendary Gem, he has now charmed thousands of new followers across all his social accounts. This would have helped him financially too. He also has a really good setup in the game since he has daily runs in the Rifts.

The streamer has won a lot of PvP fights with his gear without those Legendary Gems anyways as he gains double-digit killstreaks. He is still reminded by his followers though that those killstreaks are all possible because he paid for them and he paid a lot. They would comment “well paid” and “nice pays” whenever Quin69 brags about his accomplishments.


Some viewers are quite concerned for Quin69’s mental health since he usually displays fits of rage whenever a situation does not go his way.

Diablo Immortal is now available on mobile and PC.