Forgotten Memories: Trust Quest Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley

This guide will go through Disney Dreamlight Valley's Forgotten Memories: Trust quest, outlining all the steps you need to take to complete every objective.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories Trust Guide

Forgotten Memories: Trust is the third quest that you’ll have to take on as part of The Fairy Godmother’s series of story quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This continues your journey to finding The Forgotten’s memory of Trust, which is needed to power up the Orb of Remembrance in Dreamscape.

The Glade of Trust is where the quest takes place, and the story centers on The Forgotten’s struggle to maintain his trust in the face of Mother Gothel’s deception. Read ahead for a full walkthrough of the Fairy Godmother’s Forgotten Memories: Trust Story quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Forgotten Memories Trust Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories Trust Walkthrough

Talk to the Fairy Godmother to open up the gateway where you can uncover the Forgotten’s lost memory of trust. Once there, talk to Mother Gothel, and you’ll eventually be tasked with following her all the way to the Pillar of Trust.

Remove the Orb in the Pillar of Trust

Remove the Orb in the Pillar of Trust - Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten memories Trust

Talk to Mother Gothel again, and she’ll convince you to rip out the ugly Orb right out of the Pillar of Trust. To do this, simply go near the pillar and interact with it, which will then trigger a short cutscene.

After taking the Orb, show it to Mother Gothel and start a conversation. She’ll then ask you to find her Jewel-Encrusted Mirror that’s lost in the waters within the area.

Where to Find the Jewel-Encrusted Mirror

Jewel-Encrusted Mirror - Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories Trust

To find the Jewel-Encrusted Mirror, you’ll have to fish for orange bubbling nodes within the Glade of Trust. The first 2 orange nodes can be found on the small ponds. The third fishing node, which gave us the Jewel-Encrusted Mirror is located on the river between Sunlit Plateau and Glade of Trust, near the waterfalls in the far right area.

We haven’t tried it out yet, but it’s safe to assume that the mirror will appear on the last orange node you fish. Return to Mother Gothel outside her house after retrieving the mirror for a brief conversation. This will trigger a cutscene afterwards, and you’ll be sent back to Dreamscape.

Collect the Memory of Trust from the pedestal and talk to the Fairy Godmother to complete the Forgotten Memories: Trust Story Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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