Disney Dreamlight Valley: Fungeons and Dragons Quest Walkthrough

How to complete Vanellope's "Fungeons and Dragons" friendship quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Complete Fungeons and Dragons quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Fungeons and Dragons in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the final friendship quest for Vanellope. This will have players take on the role of the Hero and go off on a game funquest that involves recovering keys and rescuing the princess from the clutches of an evil mastermind. Read ahead as we talk about how to complete Vanellope’s Fungeons and Dragons quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete Fungeons and Dungeons quest in Dreamlight Valley

Once you reach friendship level 10 with Vanellope and have unlocked all the other requirements, talk to her and start the Fungeons and Dungeons quest. Vanellope will then reveal a special adventure chest, which can only be opened by finding three keys through her game funquest. But before embarking on the adventure, you must first change your clothes depending on what hero style (Rustic, Elegant, or Futuristic) you chose during the conversation.

The first key can be obtained from Anna, who can be found inside Remy’s restaurant, or the so-called “Rat’s Inn.” Beat her in a candy magic duel through a conversation, and she’ll give you the key afterwards. The second key can be obtained from Olaf, who is located on the bottom floor of the Mystical Cave at Dazzle Beach. Solve his riddles by selecting the correct, obvious options, and he’ll give you the key at the end. The third and final key is being kept by Princess Buzz, who is being held captive in the Vitalys Mines at Sunlit Plateau. But before going in there, you’ll have to make some preparations to face the evil mastermind.

Equip the “Pixel Sword & Shield” back item that you obtained from Vanellope’s Boss Up quest and pick up the Monster Bestiary guide book located inside Arendelle Castle (Kristoff and Anna’s house), on the floor by the bookshelves. Once done, cook up some Raspberry Boba Tea (healing potions) using the following ingredients:

  • Raspberries
  • Milk
  • Sugarcane

When you’re ready, head inside Vitalys Mines, and the mastermind, Stitch, will be on your left. Talk to him, and he’ll upgrade your pickaxe so that it can be used to break cardboard monsters. You can start your path to the left and break your way through every piece of cardboard. Make sure not to miss one since they drop gold ores, coins, and candies. You may encounter fire monsters as well, which need a watering can in order to be destroyed. Continue clearing a path until you reach the green cardboard dragon. Break it along with the corresponding doors to rescue Princess Buzz and obtain the third key.

Fungeons and Dragons Dreamlight Valley - Complete the quest

After obtaining all three Fungeon Keys, meet with Vanellope back at her house and obtain the special adventure chest, which contains cardboard monster furniture you can place in your valley. Talk with Vanellope again to obtain her Sugar Rush Racer and complete the Fungeons and Dragons quest.