Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Fast Travel

How to Fast Travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide is here

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Fast Travel

Gameloft has recently released its newest game with Disney called Disney Dreamlight Valley. This new game of theirs has created a wonderful and nostalgic presence that included some of the most popular Disney series such as Lion King, Mickey Mouse, Beauty and Beast, and more. There are so many things to do in this game that the possibilities are limitless when building your own fantasy city.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are a ton of features to explore from meeting some of your favorite Disney characters, exploring news wonders, and even hanging out and chatting with them. As you explore the world of Dreamlight Valley, it gets harder to travel and there are times that you want to return back to where you came from. There is a fast travel feature in the game that can be unlocked through a series of conditions. We, of Sirus Gaming, have created a guide for players on how to fast travel and hope you players will enjoy this featurette.

How to Fast Travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To fast travel in the game, players must first unlock them through Wishing Weels. These wells can be unlocked and cleansed after unlocking the Dream Castle and cleansing it. Once players cleanse the castle using 2000 Dreamlights, they can speak to the wizard, Merlin and they begin the quest to unlock the fast travel.

After gaining the Dream Castle, Merlin will give players a quest to complete called Friendship Is Everything.  Players must attain a Friendship of Level 5 with three Villagers within the realm so stocking up on gifts and doing activities with them is required.

After completing the quest, Merlin will award players and will send them to fetch the Orb of Friendship, a device used to cleanse the Wishing Well of its corruption. Use it and Merlin will instantly teleport to you and tell you how to fast travel. From there on, the 1st wishing well will be cleansed and you can fast travel. However, in the continuous adventure players will explore, they will need to pay Scrooge McDuck Coins on the landmarks they discovered in other to fast travel.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available for PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/X|S, and Nintendo Switch