Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get More Dreamlights

How to Get Dreamlights in Disney Dreamlight Valley is here

Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How To Get More Dreamlights

Unlocking new areas and discovering familiar iconic Disney-related worlds is an experience that players of Disney Dreamlight Valley must do to further feel nostalgic and hyped for it. Since the release of the game, gamers have shared some of their favorite areas that they have explored including their original main character designs.

To get new exotic designs and unlock areas, players are required to collect and spend Dreamlights in doing so. By helping out your new friends, tending to your crops, cooking up delicious meals, and working through a whole host of other good deeds, players can earn them. We have created a guide on how to get more Dreamlights in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How To Get More Dreamlights

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Dreamlight

  1. In-game, go to the Dreamlight tab on the menu.
  2. Click Dreamlight Duties.
  3. Accomplish six simple quests to get Dreamlight.
  4. Try to accomplish these daily quests before the next day, as it resets.

How To Get More Dreamlights in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get more Dreamlights, players will be given some challenges and missions. They will need to accomplish them and usually, these tasks involve mostly fishing, planting, mining, and exploring.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How To Get More Dreamlights

This strategy is similar to the daily Dreamlight quests but has bigger responsibilities. To access these tasks, click the Dreamlight tab. See Dreamlight Duties. All quests are subgrouped by activity such as cooking and fishing. On the Fishing tab, you’ll find fishing-related tasks. All these tasks take a long time, but you’ll get a lot of Dreamlight after accomplishing them.

The second approach, like the first, helps you fast get Dreamlights fast, although it’s contentious. This strategy allows players to get more Dreamlights through the use of Dream Shards, which you can find anywhere while removing Night Thorns.

If gamers have played Fate Grand Order before, it is similar to the Saint Quartz Fragment System. Once players collect enough Dream Shards, they can use the crafting bench on the game map to convert them to Dreamlights. You’ll get 250 Dreamlights for every 10 Dream Shards. Dream Shards are harder to obtain than Dreamlight, and this resource is limited.

However, please note that Dream Shards can be used in other missions so be smart whether or not you want to convert them or not.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available for PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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