Disney Dreamlight Valley: Ready Player Fun Guide

A comprehensive guide on how to complete Vanellope's Ready Player Fun friendship quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ready Player Fun Guide

As you reach friendship level 4 with Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll be able to take on her quest called Ready Player Fun. The quest has you and Vanellope going about your everyday activities in the valley until she offers some of her own ideas for more extreme versions of certain minigames.

Read ahead as we go through the objectives and some tips on how to complete the Ready Player Fun quest for Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Complete Vanellope’s Ready Player Fun Friendship Quest

Begin the Ready Player Fun by talking to Vanellope. Tell her that you’re available to hang out and show her what some of the other Villagers do for fun. This will lead you to another series of objectives, which we’ll discuss below.

Show Vanellope Some Valley Hobbies

Show Vanellope Some Valley Hobbies - Disney Dreamlight Valley Ready Player Fun Quest Walkthrough

Together with Vanellope, the first task simply requires you to do the following:

  • Mine three gems
  • Catch five fish
  • Plant thirty of any crops
  • Harvest any crops or fruit

You can mine all kinds of gems found in rock minerals on any biome you’ve unlocked so far. You can also catch any kind of fish in all the water areas around the valley. When choosing a crop to plant and harvest, we suggest Wheat since it grows in just under a minute.

After completing the list of objectives above, speak to Vanellope, and she’ll invite you to play her extreme hide-and-seek game. Vanellope tells you that she’s going to hide in the darkest, most dangerous spots in the valley, which is pretty vague since so many places spring to mind. You’ll eventually need to head inside Scrooge McDuck’s store so she can start hiding.

Where to Find Vanellope’s Hiding Spot

Vanellope’s hiding spot is located inside the Vitalys Mines. To reach her, head over to Sunlit Plateau and interact with the Mine Entrance by the waterfall. Once inside, head to your left and start following the candy trail.

Vanellopes Hiding Spot - Disney Dreamlight Valley Ready Player Fun Quest Walkthrough

After you reach the intersecting railroad, head straight, then go left, and you’ll find Vanellope standing behind two mine carts near the Shimmering water pool.

For those who wants to do it the hard way, you’re given an optional objective to speak with three Villagers and gather hints pertaining to Vanellope’s hiding spot.

Here are all the hints that each villager will reveal as you speak with them:

  • Nala’s Hints: Somewhere Dark and Dusty in the Sunlit Plateau.
  • Mickey’s Hints: Him and Minnie took a stroll on Dazzle Beach, but didn’t see Vanellopeanywhere near the Mystical Cave.
  • Mirabel Hints: Vanellope is hiding somewhere sunny. It’s a dark place in a sunny place.

Speak with Vanellope after finder her, and she’ll then ask you to racer her out back to the mine entrance.

Play the Extreme Fishing game with Vanellope

Play the Extreme Fishing game with Vanellope - Disney Dreamlight Valley Ready Player Fun Quest Walkthrough

After you exit the Vitalys mines, speak to Vanellope again, and she’ll challenge you to catch three fish in under three minutes. The river on Sunlit Plateau is the closest place to fish after leaving the mine, and you should be able to spot it right away.

Once done, speak to Vanellope once more and complete her Ready Player Fun friendship quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. There might be alternative dialogue options and Vanellope might react in a different way if you don’t do the task in time, but we wouldn’t get to see this.