Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Gets DLC Character Ardyn Izunia

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Ardyn

Game company Square Enix recently announced that there is a new downloadable character joining the action fighting video game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT adds Ardyn from FFXV

The DLC character that will be joining the roster is FFXV’s villain Ardyn Izunia. He will be added as an add-on character on January 9, 2020. He has most of his dark moves that many FFXV fans are familiar of.

Aside from Ardyn, Square Enix announced the 3rd Form and 5th Weapon additions for Rinoa Heartilly and Sephiroth. Rinoa’s 3rd Form is called Wings that Sing Love and her 5th Weapon is Seraphim Heart. Sephiroth’s 3rd Form is called Safer-Sephiroth and his 5th Weapon is Life Fragment.

The game is now available worldwide for PlayStation 4 and PC. There is also an arcade version in Japan.

Check out the trailers here:

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