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Collect Divine Rhino request from Hananega in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Rhino Beetle-type materials and creatures in Monster Hunter Rise are very rare, and that’s because the gathering nodes for them are very hard to find and only in one area. Among those materials that are tough to find is Divine Rhino. Read on, and this guide will show you where to find Divine Rhinos in Monster Hunter Rise, including the basics on how to farm them, and which monsters drop Divine Rhino.

What is a Divine Rhino in Monster Hunter Rise?

The Divine Rhino is a rare item and a sublime prize from the Altaroth collectors adore. This item can only be obtained from Shining Rhinos in the Flooded Forest in High Rank and is considered to be important for clearing the quest known as The Radiant Rhino.

How to Complete the Radiant Rhino Request?

The Radiant Rhino is a sidequest that Senior Hunter Hananega will ask players to do. Players will need to collect 2 Divine Rhinos and once gathered, return back to the Senior Hunter, hanging out in front of your base and near the hanging bridge going to the Buddy Plaza. Doing so will award players the blueprints for the Ladybug Cannon I.

Where to Find Divine Rhinos in Monster Hunter Rise

The Divine Rhino can be gathered from Shining Rhino gathering points in the Flooded Forest just like King Rhinos. However, this material can only be found in High Rank and Master Rank.

In the Flooded Forest, there are only 5 shining rhinos, and they are spread out. Equip the “Geologist Level 2” and look out for an upsurge of local items to maximize the gathering rate of the rhinos. Also, use the Palamute when going out on expeditions to farm certain items, as they can use their “Sniff ’em Out!” ability.

Shining Rhino Locations

Since there are only 5 Shining Rhinos, we have listed down all the possible spawn locations to farm them upon entering the Flooded Forest:

The 1st location is found at the large temple at the Southeast corner of the map. Using the Great Wirebug, players can reach the top of the temple and there will be a door that can be opened using a Large Barrel Bomb. Inside is the 1st Shining Rhino.

The 2nd Shining Rhino is found outside of the temple to the east side of the map.

Near the Sub-Camp where Area 11 is, players can find another Shining Rhino above the cave the camp sits in on a tree.

In the mountainous regions between Areas 10 and 13, there is another Shining Rhino nearby.

The final shining Rhino is located on the cliff above the water in Area 7.

How to Farm Divine Rhinos in Monster Hunter Rise

To maximize your time exploring the map and increasing your chances of finding a Divine Rhino, it is recommended that you engage on a High Rank expedition. You can keep coming back to those areas until you have as many Divine Rhinos as you want considering they respawn so quickly.

And that’s our guide on where to find Divine Rhino in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. If players love this guide, please check out our other Monster Hunter Rise-related articles.