Doom Eternal Has Day One Update

At times, developers often have to release updates in order to fix certain aspects of the game. Be it bugs, glitches, or some other unfortunate exploit that players could run into. Or perhaps they’re just changing and tweaking some settings. It could also be to add a fun feature that players might like. Either way, there isn’t much of a choice but to download it if you want to keep up with online services.

Enter Doom Eternal’s first big update which just happens to be on the day it releases on March 20th. We don’t know what exactly this update contains or why it’s even there, but it’s there. A full 5GB update for the game which you’ll have to download when you get it, so it’s not that big of an update. Maybe it fixes some frame-rates or improves performance, but update 1.1 will be a package deal with Eternal when it releases.

Source: PushSquare

Managing Editor