Doom Eternal To Be Twice The Size of Doom 2016

With only a couple of months away from release, Doom Eternal has made the promise to be twice the size of Doom 2016, its predecessor. Doom Eternal executive producer, Marty Stratton, promised the fans in an interview with Video Games Chronicle that there will be twice as much ripping and tearing.

It’s about double the size of Doom 2016. Our levels are bigger than they’ve ever been, we have double the amount of demons and from beginning to end you’re going to experience things that are always new. I refer to this as sort of the game version of a “page-turner”… even down to the last boss fight, you’re going to see things that you hadn’t up to that point.

Marty Stratton

Marty also reveals that the game will contain more platforming than the first. As Doom Eternal aims to keep gameplay fresh and exciting by spicing things up every now and then. The gameplay will be varied depending on where you are in the game.

What was a monotonous arena-hallway-arena-hallway [progression], we now get to break up with these fun platforming-type puzzles. We don’t overdo it — they’re all fairly simple but it breaks up the gameplay enough that I think it keeps, in combination with everything else, the tighter mechanics, the visuals, it keeps players engaged.

Marty Stratton

Doom Eternal is scheduled for release this March 20, 2020. With so many promising games coming out this early year, 2020 is starting to look like a promising year for gaming in general.

Source: Wccftech