Dragon Age 4 Creative Director Matt Goldman Leaves BioWare

Another one leaves the studio.

Another individual has now parted with BioWare after several years working for them and that leaves fans worried about the future of Dragon Age 4.

Senior Creative Director Matt Goldman has now left BioWare. He had been the senior creative director of the Dragon Age franchise since 2017. More and more people are leaving the game studio for some unknown reason.

Media outlet Kotaku reported that Goldman leaving BioWare was announced via a staff email that was written by its Studio General Manager Gary McKay. He explained that Goldman has agreed to leave the studio after both parties have “mutually agreed to part ways.” During the day he sent the staff email, it was Goldman’s last day as well.

The email confirmed that Goldman leaving the studio might have shaken up the team a bit, but they have assured everyone that they are still committed to make a high-quality Dragon Age game. McKay was confident to say that they will not ship a game that is not up to BioWare’s standards.

When Kotaku asked game publisher EA for a statement, they have confirmed that Goldman has left the company. They also assure that the upcoming Dragon Age game is in excellent hands and Goldman made sure of that.

While Goldman’s departure had no issues with BioWare and EA, the fans are very worried for Dragon Age 4’s future. Many executives have now left the game company and this could be a sign that development will be longer than expected. There will be more years added before it will even be announced to the public.

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