Dragon Age 4 New Name is Dragon Age Dreadwolf (Update)

The Dreadwolf rises and a new threat reveals itself.

Update: Officially confirmed. Dragon Age social media accounts just changed their profile pics to Dragon Age Dreadwolf. Also, official blog here.

dragon age dreadwolf
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A new report claims the official new name of upcoming Dragon Age 4, which is now Dragon Age Dreadwolf.

Dragon Age Dreadwolf is the New Name

VentureBeats Journalist Jeff Grubb recently spoke on his Giantbomb show Grubbsnax and revealed that EA is planning to reveal the name later today at the State of Play showcase. He did warn the fans that there could be no gameplay or trailer during that time, according to media outlet VGC transcribing the show.

“I don’t think there’s going to be a trailer or gameplay,” he said. “I think if you are expecting more than that, today might be a little disappointing. It’s still not coming till the middle of next year at least, and probably closer to the end of next year”.

State of Play Possibly Showcasing New Trailer

On the other hand, another source seems to claim that there will be a big reveal and a trailer during the upcoming State of Play showcase. Tom Henderson posted on his Twitter account the name Dreadwolf with the time of the upcoming showcase. He also attached a GIF of a dragon, which symbolizes, of course, Dragon Age.

Middle of Production

BioWare did share an update earlier this year saying they are now in the middle of production. Studio General Manager Gary McKay said that it was a great feeling that they are now in the middle of it and that the blueprint was completed last year.

Are we getting a big reveal later today? Hopefully so and we are excited as you are.

dragon age dreadwolf

Dragon Age 4 “Dragon Age Dreadwolf” is currently in development.