Dragon Age Official Teaser Trailer Released at The Game Awards 2020

Game studio BioWare has finally revealed new information about the next Dragon Age title with an official teaser trailer.

The new teaser trailer is narrated by veteran character Varric who has been in the series for a long time already. He talks about the next hero of the franchise and not someone that has a magic hand or a chosen one with a destiny.

It was time for a hero with no special background and has friends that got his back against the demons, dragons, Darkspawn, and even the Dread Wolf. For those who are familiar with the last character by the end of the video, that character was Solas who actually was the Dread Wolf or Fen’Harel.

The next Dragon Age game seems to be located still in Thedas but at the northern parts where magic is in full bloom. No other details were revealed so more will be uncovered at a later date.

Here’s the official teaser trailer: