Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Next Gen Update Gets Delayed on Xbox Consoles

It might take a while.

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that Dragon Ball Z Kakarot next gen update for Xbox consoles is getting delayed.

According to a new post on the official Dragon Ball Games Twitter account, the next-gen update for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will be delayed. It did not state the specific date, but it might not take a long while to delay its release since the PS5 version will be distributed as scheduled. The dev team did not say what the problem could be since big companies like Bandai Namco usually do not share technical information that easily. If one should speculate, it could be some compatibility issue with the Xbox next-gen consoles.

The latest expansion Dragon Ball Z Kakarot –Bardock- will still launch on all platforms, but Xbox Series X/S players will not be getting the visual and gameplay improvements of the next-gen upgrade. Physical versions of the game can be played on the next-gen consoles, but it will play as an Xbox One version.

Until then, Xbox One version owners of the game will have to wait for the team to fix the update. PS4 owners can enjoy the update tomorrow.

dragon ball z kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The PS5 update launches tomorrow while the Xbox Series X/S version has been delayed.