Dragon’s Dogma 2: A Beggar’s Tale Quest Walkthrough

Dragon's Dogma 2 A Beggar's Tale cover

A Beggar’s Tale is a quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 where players find a beggar who appears to be living a secret double life. Read ahead as we go through the steps and all of the outcomes of the A Beggar’s Tale quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

How to unlock the A Beggar’s Tale quest

To unlock the A Beggar’s Tale quest, head over to the Dragon Fountain in Vernworth’s plaza where you will find the beggar Albert. Listen to what Albert says, then talk to the NPC Benton nearby where he tells you more about Albert which will start the quest.

Keep an eye on the beggar

Your next step is to wait until nighttime and follow Albert to where he’s going. Follow him to Walter’s Tavern which is his first stop for the evening, then follow him back to his house which is at the south side of the Common Quarters.

Once Albert steps inside his house, he will lock his doors (the doors will also be locked if you arrive there before he arrives). Wait for a few moments and Albert will come out of his house and leave the door open.

Go inside the house and look for the Beggar’s Garb by the crates.

Deliver the beggar’s garb

At this point, there will be two markers pointing to two NPCs on the map. However, you will actually have three endings to go for on this quest.

  • Give the garb to Celina

Go back to Walter’s Tavern in the morning to meet Celina and hand her the Beggar’s Garb. She will then find out that her husband Albert is a noble and is just posing as a beggar for a living. Head back to the house where Albert goes at night and you will find guards talking about Celina and that she killed Albert then ended her life. The quest will then end and you will get 900 XP, 3,000 G, and a Noonbloom.

  • Give the garb to Hilda

Go to Baldwin’s Estate at the Noble Quarters and hand over the Beggar’s Garb to Hilda. She will then find out that Albert has been posing as a beggar to avoid work. Come back to the estate after a day and Hilda will tell you that her plan worked and that Albert has now started working. This will end the quest and will reward you with 900 XP and x3 Onyx. This is considered as the best ending money-wise as you can sell Onyx for 2,400 G a piece, or 7,200 G in total.

  • Give the garb to Albert

Go to Albert either at his hideout or at his estate. He will tell you not to tell anyone about what you found out about him. This will then end the quest and reward you with 900 XP and 5,000 G.