Dragon’s Dogma 2: An Unsettling Encounter Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete the An Unsettling Encounter quest in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2 An Unsettling Encounter cover

An Unsettling Encounter is a main quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 where players have to obtain evidence that will serve as proof to the rumors about Allard. Read ahead as we go through the steps and shortcut on how to complete the An Unsettling Encounter in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

How to unlock the An Unsettling Encounter quest

The An Unsettling Encounter quest can be unlocked after completing the Disa’s Plot quest from Captain Brant. Talk to Brant once more and choose “Tell me rumors about Allard” to start the quest.

Search Allard’s Chambers

For this quest, you will need to pass the time until it is midnight. Then, head over to the Vernworth Castle where you will find a guard, Sonia, who will guide you to the back entrance to get into The Guardhouse, like how it went in the previous quest.

Search Allard's Chambers

Inside the guardhouse, check the chest to get the Marcher armor set if you haven’t yet. Wearing this armor will prevent you from being spotted as you infiltrate the castle.

Go through the next door and immediately turn right. Then, go straight through the next hall all the way to the stairs on the other end. Go up two flights of stairs and take a left as you reach the top. Make you way to the door on the end of this corridor and a cutscene will start.

The cutscene will show Allard and a guard talking from inside the room. Wait for them to go out of the room; if you have the Marcher armor set on, they will go on their way and will not pay attention to you, otherwise you will have to hide behind a corner to avoid getting spotted.

Go inside the room and look for a secret door on the wall on the left side. Inside the secret room, check the desk to get the Battahli-Crested Letter. Afterwards, go out of the secret room and another cutscene will play.

Report back to Captain Brant

To get out of the castle, you can head back out and retrace your steps through the castle, or you can jump out of the window and land on the roof below. Finally, go back to The Stardrop Inn and report back to Captain Brant.

An Unsettling Encounter Quest Rewards

Select the same option about Allard and hand over the letter. The quest will then be complete, rewarding you with 1,200 XP, 5,500 G, and the Ring of Accrual.