Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Petrify Medusa and Get the An Eye for an Eye Trophy

A guide on how to petrify Medusa, obtain its head, and unlock several trophies in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2 Petrify Medusa cover

Medusa is the serpentine mythical creature known to have a gaze that can petrify anyone that looks directly at it. Though it is one of its latent powers, the Medusa is not immune to petrification, and so its gaze can be used against itself with the help of mirrors. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to petrify a Medusa in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and how to unlock the An Eye for an Eye Trophy.

Reflecting the petrifying gaze (Easiest)

To reflect Medusa’s petrifying gaze against it, you must first obtain the Daughter of the Evening shield from the Vernworth Castle Armory.

Head inside the Vernworth Castle through its main door, then take the first corridor to the left. Before reaching the stairs, take a right and follow the corridor all the way down until you reach the armory door at the very end. Inside the armory is the chest located in the middle of the room that contains the Daughter of the Evening shield. Next, change to the Fighter vocation in order to wield the shield.

Medusa’s Lair location in the Caliginous Depths (credits to mapgenie.io)

Head into the Caliginous Depths southwest of Battahl to find the lair of the Medusa.

With the shield equipped, wait for the Medusa to use its petrifying gaze (reddish spotlight attack), then use the Defend action to raise your shield up. Make sure to stand within the gaze and face Medusa so that you can reflect its gaze back with the shield. Do this for a few seconds until Medusa gets fully petrified and you will get the An Eye for an Eye Trophy.

Be aware that petrifying an enemy will prevent it from dropping its usual loot as once you attack them afterwards, they will just crumble away.

Using a Medusa’s head (Unlocks three trophies)

The other method to petrify a Medusa is to use another Medusa’s head. Because of the Medusa’s size, you are better off with getting a Preserved Medusa Head as it can last long enough to fully petrify a Medusa, plus it will still have some remaining charge afterwards.

To get a Preserved Medusa Head, you will need to cut off the Medusa’s head before its first health bar runs out, otherwise you will get a head that is of a lower quality.

The most efficient way to cut the Medusa’s head quickly is to use the Bolts from the Blue dagger as a Thief as it has both cutting damage and a passive lightning element required to stun the Medusa. The Bolts from the Blue dagger can be obtained from the Windworn Gully, north of Checkpoint Rest Town. Also, it would be safe to create a save file before hunting down the Medusa as there is a small chance that you might deal more damage than needed to get the Preserved Medusa Head, especially if your character has a high level.

Head into the Caliginous Depths to face the Medusa. Then, jump on the Medusa, grab on to it, and climb on top of its head. Start attacking its head and it should eventually fall off and instantly kill the Medusa. You will then get the Off with Its Head! Trophy for chopping the Medusa’s head, plus the Getting a Head Trophy for picking it up.

Pick up the Preserved Medusa Head and immediately fast travel to a town using a Ferrystone; you can also put down a Portcrystal in the lair to quickly return to it later on. Go to the inn and deposit your Preserved Medusa Head in the storage to prevent it from decaying. Make sure to do this first before passing the time as the Medusa will take 14 in-game days to respawn. You can then either take the time to do other quests, or you can simply just pass the time on a bench.

Once you have passed enough time, take out the Preserved Medusa Head from storage and travel back to the Caliginous Depths. Equip the head from your inventory, then open your inventory again and choose the option to Brandish the head. Point the head on to the Medusa until the enemy is fully petrified and you get the An Eye for an Eye Trophy.