Dredge Ancient Lighthouse

Learn he secrets of the Ancient Lighthouse

Dredge Ancient Lighthouse cover

The Ancient Lighthouse is a location that contains one of the pursuit quests in Dredge. It was built by the ancient civilization not only to guide their seafarers but also to appease the Leviathan and let it know that the people had not forgotten about preventing the destruction of the world.

Read ahead as we talk about the Ancient Lighthouse, where to find it, and what its purpose is in Dredge.

Ancient Lighthouse Location

The Ancient Lighthouse can be found in O15 on top of the Ancient Ruins. It’s better to sail around the islands instead of going through the ruins where the paths are narrow and there are aggressive fishes all around.

Inside the Ancient Lighthouse - Dredge

Inside the Ancient Lighthouse

The Ancient Lighthouse is a place that is involved with the Stone Tablets pursuit. Once you have all the small stone tablets fished out from the dredging spots in Devil’s Spine, plus the one from the Trader at Little Marrow, the tablets will fuse into one huge tablet. This can then be slotted into the hole in the lighthouse which will then reveal treasures. This is where the Flame of the Sky, the brightest lamp in the game, can be found.

Ancient Lighthouse Lore - Dredge

Ancient Lighthouse Lore

Only a little is known about the Ancient Lighthouse, but there are some scriptures revealed by the obelisk at N15 that tell about the other important use of the lighthouse back then:

"A leviathan raises its vast grey head, stretching up, up until it sits level with a bright flame cradled at the top of the ancient lighthouse.

It watches the fire for a while, tilting its head and calling softly to it with a guttural song.

Appearing satisfied, the beast slinks down into the water, gliding back to the depths."

Check out this video by Mac Foraday showing how to complete the Stone Tablet pursuit in Dredge: