Dredge Anglerfish Location

Where to catch Anglerfishes in Dredge

Dredge Anglerfish cover

Anglerfishes are one of the fish that can be caught in Dredge, and you’ll need them to get through a certain side pursuit that players will eventually need to complete. These fish live in the deep sea and are known for the little glowing lamps hanging in front of their heads to act as bait for their prey.

Read ahead as we talk about Anglerfishes, where to catch them, and what they are used for in Dredge.

Where to catch Anglerfishes in Dredge

Where to catch Anglerfishes

Anglerfishes can be caught in the Stellar Basin using an Abyssal fishing rod during any time of the day. Aside from finding them swimming in the deep waters, their fishing spot can also be distinguished by having white lights along with the silhouettes. They occupy a 2×3 5-slot space in the boat.

Where to use Anglerfishes in Dredge

Where to use Anglerfishes

Anglerfishes are required for the second sample collection in the Research Assistant pursuit, along with a Loosejaw, a Giant Amphipod, and a Snailfish. Completing the pursuit will reward you with the A Plan for the Future book that gives a 15% chance not to reduce fish stocks when catching with a rod. They can also be sold for at least $50.

The aberrated version of the anglerfish is the Bursting Anglerfish, which appears to be inspired by the chestbursters from Alien.

Check out this video by Marcuz-X showing how to complete the Research Assistant pursuit in Dredge: