Dredge Blue Crab Location

Where to catch Blue Crabs in Dredge

Dredge Blue Crab cover

Blue Crabs are sea creatures that can be caught in Dredge that are needed to complete one of the game’s side pursuits. These crabs get their name from their vibrant blue shells and are thriving on the shores of Stellar Basin.

Read ahead as we talk about Blue Crabs, where to catch them, and what they are used for in Dredge.

Where to catch Blue Crabs

Blue crabs can be caught in the Stellar Basin using any Crab Pot during any time of the day. They can be caught up to the depth of 5.0 meters and occupy a 2×1 space in the pot. Make sure to check your pots from time to time, as some Crown of Thorns or Glowing Octopus may get caught in them, and they take up a lot of space.

Blue Crabs in Dredge

Where to use Blue Crabs

Blue Crabs are needed to complete the Figure in Gold pursuit, where you also have to catch a Red Snapper and a Fangtooth. Completing this pursuit will reward you with the Advanced Fishing book, which makes rods reel in fish 15% more effectively. They can also be sold for at least $15 a piece.

Check out this video by Game Guides Channel showing how to complete the Figure in Gold pursuit in Dredge:

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