Dredge Castaway Pursuit Guide

Help the poor guy go back home

Dredge Castaway cover

Castaway is one of the various pursuit quests that can be done in Dredge. This pursuit will have players rescue a stranded person from being stuck on an island after getting flung overboard their ship. Learn where to find the castaway and how to rescue him in this guide.

Where to find the Castaway

The Castaway can be found in L10, just north of Little Marrow. You will see an SOS made out of sticks near the beach. Interact with it and you will meet up with the him.

How to rescue the Castaway

To rescue the Castaway, you need to make sure that you have a 2×3 space in your boat for him to be able to ride it. Slot him in the boat then make your way back to Little Marrow to complete the pursuit.

Be careful, though, as he can die if your boat takes damage, and the grid where the damage appears is where he is placed. If this happens, you will not have a second chance to complete this pursuit unless you start a new game.

Once you have successfully brought him to Little Marrow, he will reward you with a Signet Ring.

Should the Signet Ring be sold or kept?

The Signet Ring does not really have any significance or uses apart from being a valuable item that you can sell for $90. It is up to you if you want to sell it for some quick money, or keep it in your storage as a trinket of sorts. Don’t keep it in your boat as it will take up space and you might accidentally sell it if you do a mass sell of other valuables.

Check out this video by m4shup showing how to complete the Castaway pursuit in Dredge: