Dredge Walkthrough Chapter 2: Hermitage

A complete guide covering the events for Hermitage, the Second Main Pursuit of Dredge, including handy tips and tricks to use along the way

Dredge Chapter 2 Hermitage cover

Hermitage is the second chapter or pursuit in Dredge. After finding the first relic from a nearby shipwreck, The Collector then points the Fisherman to head to the Gale Cliffs, where the next relic was lost. Read ahead as we go through the events of Chapter 2: Hermitage of Dredge and share some tips and tricks on how to complete the chapter.

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After giving The Collector the Ornate Key, he tells you to go to Gale Cliffs, where you can find the next relic. The Gale Cliffs can be found in the southeast region. It’s recommended to at least have a few engine upgrades before leaving The Marrows, and try to wake up early so that you can make it to Gale Cliffs under sunlight. There’s also a sea monster patrolling the maze of cliffs, and it helps to have enough speed to outsail it.

Dusty Pontoon

Dusty Pontoon - Dredge Chapter 2 Hermitage Walkthrough

The Dusty Pontoon is your one-stop shop for your fishing needs for the rest of the regions in Dredge. It is operated by the Traveling Merchant who offers the same services that the Fishmonger and the Shipwright have, plus she can also let you access your storage. It’s best to check her store often, as you will sometimes find a Research Party for sale.

Once you reach the cliffs, head to the Dusty Pontoon for now to take a quick breather, then go to the Ruins where you can see the red beam of light pointing to the location of the next relic.


Hermit - Dredge Chapter 2 Hermitage Walkthrough

There is debris blocking your passage to get the relic, but before leaving, go to the dock and talk to the Hermit. Despite the danger of crumbling rocks, the Hermit refuses to head to the nearby town because he had a falling out with his brother. He’s also looking for a particular family crest, which he marks on your map.

Once you go to the site, your path will be blocked by more rocks, so you’ll have to find a way to go around and find another path to take.

Cyclops Serpent Sea Monster - Dredge Chapter 2 Hermitage Walkthrough

It’s at this point that you may encounter the Cyclops Serpent or the sea monster that patrols the area. Once it spots you, it will continuously chase you down until you get back to the safe area.

If you do happen to encounter the cyclops, try to lure it away from where the crest is by making detours around the cliffs and strategically using Haste. This should give you time to dredge out the crest from the marked area safely.

Once you have the crest, go back to the Hermit and show it to him. He will ask you to talk to his brother in the town of Ingfell.

Retired Whaler

Retired Whaler - Dredge Chapter 2 Hermitage Walkthrough

Go to Ingfell and talk to the Retired Whaler. He will notice the family crest that you have and decide to forgive his brother. He then offers his help by giving you Packed Explosives that you can use to clear away the debris. He then tells you to use it on the same marked spot from earlier to clear up the path.

Once done, report back to the Retired Whaler, then go to the Hermit to tell him that his brother forgives him. Checking back at the Retired Whaler, he will start selling Packed Explosives as a way of saying thanks. Purchase as many as you can, as there are plenty of spots within the cliffs that you can unlock, including the path to the shipwreck.

Relic #2 – Music Box

Relic #2 - Music Box - Dredge Chapter 2 Hermitage Walkthrough

Blow up the debris near the shipwreck, then dredge the relic out of the water. You’ll then obtain the Music Box. Travel back to The Collector to hand him over the relic and gain another powerful ability.

Manifest Ability

Manifest Ability - Dredge Chapter 2 Hermitage Walkthrough

Manifest is an ability that allows you to instantly travel back to the Blackstone Isle wherever you are on the map, making it a good skill to use for emergencies or just to make a quick delivery of the next relic. It has a long cooldown, which can be sped up if you rest at a dock.

The next relic can be found somewhere in the Stellar Basin, which is just west of where you are, but before heading over there, take the time to farm some more money for some upgrades and some new fishing gear that’s apt for the job.

Side Pursuits

Side Pursuits - Dredge Chapter 2 Hermitage Walkthrough

There are new side pursuits that you can take on during this part of the story, such as:

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