Dredge Sea Monsters Guide

All of the sea monsters that can be encountered in Dredge

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The seas around Dredge are full of different and truly dangerous sea monsters that are aggressive towards anyone who gets close and will surely bring destruction to any vessel they can get their fins on.

Read ahead as we talk about the different sea monsters of Dredge and share some tips on how to avoid or deal with them.

Night Angler - Sea Monsters of Dredge

Night Angler

The Night Angler is a unique sea monster that mimics the silhouettes of boats and ships sailing through the thick fog at night, giving them the name Ghost Ships. When you encounter one at night, make sure to turn off your lights and do not blow your foghorn at it unless you want to catch its attention. If it does notice you, it will “sail” towards you. Once it gets close to your visible range, its silhouette disappears, and you will finally see its true angler form.

Night anglers can ram your boat and deal damage to it. The only way to get rid of them is to use the Banish ability or outrun them. If you do see one at night, you can try blasting your foghorn, and they can reply with their own foghorn, unlocking the From the Fog achievement.

Mimic Crab - Sea Monsters of Dredge

Mimic Crab

As their name suggests, Mimic Crabs imitate rock formations and shipwrecks that can be found on the shores of some islands. If you get too close to them, they will spring and reveal themselves while swinging their claws to deal damage to your boat. They cannot be banished entirely, but they will not attack while the ability is active.

Phantom Shark - Sea Monsters of Dredge

Phantom Shark

Phantom Sharks only appear when you are in high panic within the seas of Gale Cliffs and Stellar Basin. They immediately lock on to your boat and swim very quickly towards it to ram it. If you are quick enough, you can use your Banish ability before they cause damage.

Serpent - Sea Monsters of Dredge


The Serpent is a sea monster that patrols the channels of Gale Cliffs. It can swim quite fast as soon as it sees your boat and can be quite persistent when chasing. It can be banished or it can be led out into the open ocean and shaken off using Haste to clear out the area temporarily.

Tentacle - Sea Monsters of Dredge


The Tentacle is categorized as a danger but is presumably part of a lurking sea monster. It only appears when you are in high panic and out in the open seas. It slams on your boat as soon as it comes out of the water, so use your Haste to try and avoid the slam.

Jelly Bomb

Jelly Bombs are jellyfish that roam the waters of Stellar Basin at night. They swim slowly and explode once you get too close within their range. They can be banished, but you can simply sail away to avoid crashing into them.

Stellar Basin Creature - Sea Monsters of Dredge

Stellar Basin Monster

The Stellar Basin Creature is a huge creature that sits in the middle of Stellar Basin. It is always active, and swimming over the basin will prompt it to attack your boat with its huge tentacles. It is theorized that this creature was what remained from the ooze as it managed to sink into the basin and grow untouched for years. It cannot be banished, but completing the Research Assistant pursuit will give you access to the deterring machine that temporarily repels the creature.

Mind Sucker - Sea Monsters of Dredge

Mind Sucker

Mind Suckers are creatures that inhabit the Twisted Strand and cause intense panic to those who get caught in their gaze. There are only three Mind Suckers present in the area, all of which can be banished or killed using the Airman‘s traps permanently. They also have the ability to block off paths using roots.

Vines - Sea Monsters of Dredge


Vines are like the Tentacles of the open sea, except that they can only be found within the Twisted Strand when in high panic. Multiple vines spring out of the water and follow your boat, eventually pausing before slamming down. They can easily be avoided by constantly moving, and they can also be banished. When you get caught in a Mind Sucker’s panic gaze, you can expect to be dealing with the vines soon after.


Piranhas inhabit the waters of Devil’s Spine and usually hang around in groups of three, or they escort the Unseeing Mother. They are aggressive creatures that can easily detect you, but they themselves cannot deal damage to the boat. However, they can slow the boat down and alert the Unseeing Mother to your location for her to attack. They can be banished, or you can sail over an underwater steam vent to ward them off.

Unseeing Mother - Sea Monsters of Dredge

Unseeing Mother

The Unseeing Mother is a large piranha that patrols the waters of Devil’s Spine. She is presumably blind and needs the assistance of her piranha spawn to guide her to prey. Because of her blindness, she is immune to the banish ability, but as long as none of her spawn are around, you are relatively safe, as she would also lose track of you.

Leviathan - Sea Monsters of Dredge


The Leviathan is the huge sea monster that can sometimes appear in random parts of the open sea, but it always shows up whenever you go to the edge of the map. As soon as you go beyond the map, the Leviathan will attack your boat and eat you. It also appears in the good ending of the game, where it pops out of the water and swallows your boat after you toss the Crimson Book into the sea.

It is theorized that the Leviathan is actually the protector of the seas, and it is working on preventing the catastrophe seen in the bad ending from happening. Its act of swallowing the protagonist as soon as he gets out of the influence of the malevolent creature, either by leaving the area or throwing the book, can be interpreted as a way to make sure that the ritual is halted and does not spread any further. This is supported by the accounts of the Courier who attempted to transport ooze across the sea and got chased by the Leviathan because of it.

That’s all of the Dredge sea monsters we’ve encountered so far. This is a fairly new game, so more sea monsters might be added soon, and there still might be hidden creatures lurking beneath the deep sea that we’ll be sure to list in this guide.

Also, check out this video by m4shup showing what happens if you go into uncharted waters, featuring the Leviathan sea monster Dredge:

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