Dredge Dockworker

Who is the Dockworker and what is his purpose?

Dredge Dockworker cover

The Dockworker is one of the NPCs in Dredge that can be found in Little Marrow and seems to be involved in a couple of delivery pursuits that have to do with shady packages. There’s a certain amount of mystery behind the dockwoker’s quest, and it can be confusing as to what happens to him as you deliver a mysterious fish without knowing what’s inside.

Read ahead as we talk about the Dockworker and how his story ties up with Dredge’s narrative.

Dredge Dockworker - Package Delivery Pursuit

Package Delivery Pursuit

In this pursuit, the Mayor of Greater Marrow will ask to make a delivery to the Dockworker. The small package itself is a bit “fishy” being damp and drippy, and the Mayor wants to have it delivered before it goes bad. As you hand over the package to the Dockworker, he checks on it and shields it from you as if to prevent you from knowing what’s inside. You will then get rewarded with some money and the Sustainable Fishing book for the delivery.

Dredge Dockworker - Craven Courier Pursuit

Craven Courier Pursuit

In this pursuit, you meet a Courier that has been hiding inside their ship in I10. They were supposed to make a delivery to Little Marrow, but the Leviathan chased their boat as they were out at sea. You can then take over their delivery and get the Large Package transported to the Dockworker. This time, the Dockworker does not give you any reward for completing the delivery and goes away as soon as you hand over the package. He will also disappear for a day and come back the following day.

When you visit the Dockworker once again, his appearance will change into that of a zombie-like person who just stares and grunts. It is suggested that those two packages contained fish that were either infected or aberrated, as shown by the ooze that dropped from his ear and the ooze stains on his clothes.

When compared to the Fishmonger who was also assumed to have had a taste of an aberrated fish in one of his requests, the Fishmonger was able to prevent himself from getting into a worse state by not consuming more. He just got sick for a few days after trying aberrated flesh, which was why he had to close up his shop temporarily.

Check out this video by Game Guides Channel showing how to complete the Craven Courier pursuit: