Dredge Ocean Sunfish Location

Where to catch the Ocean Sunfish in Dredge

Dredge Ocean Sunfish cover

The Ocean Sunfish is one of the various unique fishes that can be caught in Dredge. This fish is not only one of the largest in the open seas but also one of the most elusive, but don’t fret. This guide will list the exact coordinates and show you where to find an ocean sunfish in Dredge, so read on.

Ocean Sunfish Fishing Locations

Ocean sunfish have been spotted around the northern and eastern parts of the map. Some of the coordinates are in P5 to Q5, Q9, OP7 to OP8, IJ14 to IJ15. They can be caught using an Oceanic rod during the daytime. They occupy a 3×3 space and can be sold for at least $115 a piece. Its aberrated version is the Charred Sunfish.

Dredge Ocean Sunfish Fishing Locations

One good way to catch plenty of them is to use bait in the listed areas or use the Atrophy ability near one of its fishing spots, which can also raise the chance of getting a Charred Sunfish.

Check out this video by m4shup showing all the fishes and aberrations in Dredge: