Dredge Treasure Map Guide

Find out the locations of all the map pieces that lead to a sunken treasure

Dredge Treasure Map cover

There are three pieces of a Treasure Map scattered in Dredge‘s Stellar Basin that combine in order to create a full map that leads to a Sunken Chest. This chest contains valuable items that can be sold for a quick profit or used to further improve the boat.

In this guide, we will show you where to find all pieces of the Treasure Map and share the location of the Sunken Chest in Dredge.

Dredge Treasure Map Locations

There are three pieces of the Treasure Map that can be located in three separate spots within the Stellar Basin. Their locations are in D3, G4, and I4 and can be found at the shipwrecks on the coast. Once you have all of the pieces, you can then make out the location of the Sunken Chest which is somewhere in C3.

Head over to C3, preferably in the daytime, and you will find the Sunken Chest just below the waterline and chained in place. Inside the chest, you will find a Research Part, Refined Metal, Silver Plate, Silver Trinket, and a Ring.

Dredge Treasure Map Locations

Getting any of the map pieces is actually not required to get the chest at all. You can immediately go to the spot where the chest is and grab all of the treasure in it.

Check out this video by m4shup showing all the locations of the map pieces and the treasure chest in Dredge: