DUNE Awakening Announced At The Game Awards 2022

A New DUNE game announced

A new MMO survival game was announced at the Game Awards 2023. From the popular movie, DUNE comes a new game called DUNE Awakening. This new MMO game will be released next year for the Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. More info about the game will be released soon on their main website.

Dune Awakening is an ambitious Open World Survival MMO inspired by the sci-fi masterpiece DUNE written by Frank Herbert. The game is built with both Dune and Survival fans in mind by the veteran developers at Funcom.

With this gameplay teaser, Funcom has also updated the Dune: Awakening website, giving a panoramic view of the player experience.

In Dune: Awakening you strive to survive the countless dangers of Arrakis alongside thousands of other players. Explore your role and identity while experiencing an epic personal journey, from searching for water and building shelters against storms to controlling the flow of spice in the top echelons of the planet.

Spice lies at the center of conflict, advancement, and power in Dune: Awakening. Where spice blows appear, players converge. Fights can range from quick skirmishes to large-scale battles with infantry, ground vehicles, and ornithopters each providing an essential role.

Joel Bylos, Chief Creative Officer at Funcom and Creative Director of Dune: Awakening, says, “Working with a universe as rich and expansive as Dune is the perfect fit for Funcom’s drive to create compelling multiplayer open worlds. With Dune: Awakening, we’re trying to push the boundaries of what people expect in the Survival space – and I can’t wait until we can get it into the hands of our players.”

“We are thrilled to bring the Dune universe to life in such an immersive and interactive way.  The depth and detail Funcom is bringing to the Dune: Awakening PC and console experience is astonishing and we can’t wait for fans of Dune and survival games to join us on Arrakis and try their hand at surviving the most dangerous planet in the universe,” adds Sam Rappaport, VP, Interactive Media at Legendary Entertainment.