Dying Light 2 to Get New Game Plus and Photo Mode Sometime

These features are definitely coming!

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Techland seems to be planning to add New Game Plus and Photo Mode in the future of Dying Light 2.

The game developers have recently spoken to media outlet Gameinformer in a recent interview discussing their future plans on the game. Many players have already invested a lot of time into it and completed the main story as well, which prompted them to request new features to keep it fresh.

According to Lead Game Tymon Smektala, the frequently requested features that players wanted to add to Dying Light 2 were a New Game Plus mode, a Photo Mode, and additional tiers of difficulty. After completing the game with ease and investing a lot of hours in it, fans are already asking the most requested features that many iconic games have already even at post launch like Horizon Zero Dawn, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, and many more. Even their previous title Dying Light 1 had this feature in some form.

It seems Techland is already on the case, but did not add this feature yet during development. They are planning to add it sooner or later though in a form of an update.

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“Those are definitely things that are on the table currently and that are being worked on,” Smektala replied when asked about the additional features. “I don’t want to go into too many specifics here…but very soon, people will start seeing those things being added in one form or another into the game.” 

Many studios including Techland, says Smektala, has this challenge when adding new content post-launch. They seek ways to satisfy everyone in the gaming community and not just a specific group of players. Developers want to make everyone happy of their game and the content they release post-launch to continue supporting them afterwards.

Smektala says this is Techland’s plan for Dying Light 2 in the next five years, but for now, they are focusing on Year One.

Dying Light 2 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.