Dying Light 2 Protagonist has Secret for “Inhuman” Abilities

Game company Techland shared one particular detail about the new hero of the upcoming video game Dying Light 2 and it is his secret to his somehow “inhuman” abilities.

Rendering Director Tomek Szalkowski shared a secret as to why protagonist Aiden Caldwell has some extraordinary skills that no other human possesses in the game. He shared this new information with Play UK Magazine (July 2021 issue).

According to the director, Caldwell loves to do parkour aside from doing it for survival in this new post-apocalyptic world filled with infected. It is revealed that he has a more rounded backstory than the first game’s Kyle Crane.

Caldwell, however, has a secret to his awesome skills. It was revealed by Szalkowski that he is actually infected at the start of the game and he has a wrist-mounted detector that pips away to reveal his state of infection. If it spreads too much then it is time to either survive as a full Infected or die as a human. The only way to minimize the spread of infection is by staying out of sunlight whenever possible.

This will become a bigger challenge for players who loved to go outside while traversing the land. This time around, players will be forced to go inside buildings and stay under cover so that they can minimize their contact with the sun. A harsh reality for Caldwell.

Dying Light 2 launches on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.