Dying Light 2 Reports Claim Development is “Chaotic” and “Directionless”

According to a new report by media outlet TheGamer, the developer of upcoming video game Dying Light 2 is currently troubled due to Techland leaders’ mismanagement.

Dying Light 2

TheGamer recently talked with former and current staff about the stuff happening in the studio right now. Several sources claim that the development is not going well due to its “iterative” design process. They describe it as chaotic as it is directionless. Another source claims, “a production pipeline that changes so quickly and rapidly that it might as well not exist.”

Another source claims, “What is going on in Techland is just total chaos, not iteration. There are plenty of examples where there is someone responsible for a given feature…but [creative director Adrian Ciszewski and CEO Paweł Marchewka] just overwrite this because of some bullshit reason, like they’ve seen something working differently in other games.”

Another source stated that it is “a well-known joke at Techland that nothing is ever approved including the name of the game. You can be told to redo some work you had approved for a month just because the CEO changed his mind after seeing something on the internet.”

One source revealed that it is Marchewka’s management style that causes the setbacks. This individual would give an example that it would be the shape of the spike of an enemy that Marchewka would not like. Or how the AI kicks the player. He would then give a negative feedback like “This character looks gay” or “That just looks bad.”

“It is 100 percent true that there is nothing written in stone in Techland. Dying Light 2’s story was rewritten like six times or so,” one source claims. “It could have worked in Dying Light…but it makes production for Dying Light 2 – a much bigger project – just impossible to move forward.”

TheGamer revealed that there are at least 20 people that have left Techland. Even hiring producers in order to keep things in order have not gone well. If the higher ups did not like what they were doing, they are kicked out. If they challenged them, they were out the door.

If these claims are true, then for sure Dying Light 2 will still be in development hell.

Source: TheGamer via Eurogamer