Dying Light 2 Update 1.8 Now Available for Download

Finally, motion sickness can be reduced.

Techland has recently released the new Dying Light 2 update 1.8 together with its patch notes.

The latest update offers a lot of changes to the game including behavior changes to the biters, which will make them more aggressive this time around. It offers a new Benchmark option on PC, which can be started from the video settings. It also reduces motion sickness with a preset that can be activated via the Accessibility menu, and more.

Check out the full patch notes below:

Game Update

In update 1.8.0 we would like to highlight a few features that were implemented along the quality of life changes in the game: 

  • Biters’ behavior changes – Biters will be more aggressive
  • Benchmark option on PC – you can start it from the video settings.
  • LOD Range Multiplier – this feature is available in the Advanced video menu, but watch out, survivor, it takes a heavy toll on your performance!
  • Motion Sickness Reduction preset (available in the Accessibility menu).
  • Rendering and Lighting improvements.

As usual, we’ve worked on bug fixes and issues, mostly focusing on the Bloody Ties DLC. Check the entire list below:

Gameplay Updates

    • Fixed a problem with getting on a bicycle after starting the bicycle challenge allowing players to complete the task 
    • Fixed an issue on PS5 during the Markers of Plague quest, related to Aiden being stuck after injecting the first inhibitor 
    • Fixed an issue where the player could not progress with the Combat Challenge, because of missing interaction prompt 
    • No shortcuts! Removed a spot in the Opera that allowed players to skip all Madman From Villedor phases 
    • Fixed a black screen after canceling the Prince of Thieves Challenge 
    • Fixed a black screen after starting Tower of Babel Challenge 
    • Tweaked Skullface resistances to elemental damage, making him more challenging than before 
    • Fixed an issue where biters sometimes dealt 0 damage to the player 
    • [Xbox/PlayStation] Players can no longer get stuck during the Crystal White quest 
    • Fixed an issue where the finisher would not deal damage to Skullface 
    • Fixed an issue with legendary encounters rewarding the players with only mutation samples 
    • Fixed an issue with missing objective marker when tracking the Sattelite Dream quest 
    • Fixed an issue with some zip lines floating in the air 
    • [PS4] Fixed progress lock during the Water Tower quest 
    • [Xbox] Preset items will be correctly given during the Prince of Thieves Challenge, and One Day In Harran Spectacle 
    • Fixed an issue with outfits not being unlocked as quest rewards in Bloody Ties DLC 
    • Fixed some shield mods being duplicated in craftmaster’s upgrade tab 
    • Fixed an issue with weapon mods being improperly displayed when previewing multiple opera costumes 
    • Headshots with the bows should now deal the appropriate amount of damage 
    • Tweaked player damage scaling in the Opera to make fights more challenging 
    • Fixed Human enemy AI, which no longer allows them to use Skullface skillset 
    • Players are now able to drop rewards bought from Carnage Hall rewards vendor 
    • Swing animations are now faster to feel more on par with Dying Light 1 
    • Fixed an issue with restarting challenges at the Opera 
    • Fixed Nutcracker paraglider and outfits being doubled in the player’s stash  
    • True Nightrunner achievement should now be unlocked properly after completing all the Nightrunner trials 
    • Fixed Deathloop in the opera after killing the guard 
    • Madmen of Villedor parkour challenge tweaks 

Co-op Updates

    • Fixed crashes happening on Xbox when accepting invite to your friend’s session  
    • Fixed an issue where the fourth player to join the session would get stuck in the table during dialogue with Severus 
    • Fixed an issue with a blocked checkpoint during the Running Up That Tower Challenge in co-op 
    • Improved infected AI during Run Boy Run Challenge in co-op 
    • Fixed an issue with unresponsive controls after joining a co-op session on PS4 
    • The game will now inform you if you’re trying to connect to a host that currently plays a dialogue or a cutscene 
    • Fixed an issue where the guard was spawned on the players’ location, immediately failing the stealth mission 
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the infinite wait during the dialogue before the challenge 
    • Fixed an issue where players are unable to proceed to the Madmen from Villedor Challenges BLACK
    • The trophy The Madman of Villedor will be unlocked in co-op after completing the Challenges
    • Fixed multiple connection issues 
    • Fixed an issue where players could be separated during the Challenges 
    • Fixed some icons being too big in COOP 
    • Between Two Fires Challenge progress is shared now, allowing players to finish it at once 
    • Players are no longer able to bash through the doors that require the team to gather 
    • Fixed issues with challenges that caused players to be stuck
    • [PS4] Fixed the game crashing after completing a windmill challenge 
    • Manica Shield Ice Mods are now upgradable 
    • Fixed an issue with players unable to start quests in co-op
    • Manica Shield received sounds when playing in co-op

UI/UX Updates

    • Fixed timer display during Challenges in Carnage Hall 
    • Fixed an icon of one-handed Silencer Machete 
    • Fixed an issue with the Carnage Manica display in the accessory while inspecting it 
    • Fixed an issue where players could reach restricted areas 
    • Fixed an issue with player spawning in the incorrect locations after finishing the quests
    • Fixed missing voice-overs during the Opera quests
    • Fixed asset load issue during the Treasure Hunt challenge 
    • Added missing textures from the Opera localizations
    • Improved camera motion during Madmen of Villedor cinematic 
    • Fixed animation of player blocking with a shield when the bow is equipped

Technical Updates

    • Low-quality preset in Video Options sets XSS on a PC with an AMD card and turns on DX12 
    • Players will no longer lose their money after accepting the best and reloading the game during Twin Brothers quest 
    • Players will no longer get stuck while sliding into the vent shafts 
    • Don Quixote achievement will now be granted after the player unlocks all the windmills in the game 
    • Fixed an issue with the game’s performance dropping after playing for more than 1 hour on some devices 
    • Fixed infinite loading screen that was happening whenever a player logged out of the account right after signing in 
    • Fixed an issue with sounds randomly disappearing 
    • Fixed an issue with force feedback missing while playing on gamepad 
    • [Xbox] Prologue forest will no longer be too dark during the daytime 
    • Players are no longer able to bypass the Perfect Block tutorial 
    • Fixed an issue with infected being too silent 
    • [PlayStation] Fixed crash during One Day in Harran and Fame and Infamy Challenge 
    • Fixed crash during the fast travel between The City and Opera 
    • [RayTracing] Fixed player’s shadow missing in photo mode 
    • [RayTracing] Fixed issues with corrupt lighting sources 
    • Fixed Baba Yaga challenge being unplayable
    • Reduced the number of times infected will grab the player 
    • AI/Player will no longer shake after getting grabbed by Biters 
    • Fixed the game crashing after changing resolution from 3840×2160 to 1920×1080  
    • Fixed infinite loading screen upon opening the title in offline mode on EGS Launcher 
    • Optimized memory usage in d3d12 mode improving game stability
    • Exposed setting for extending rendering range of highest level of detail geometry
    • Ray-tracing effects range is extended by 20%
    • Implemented benchmark mode, allowing users to measure their PCs performance in Dying Light 2
    • Fixed lack of player shadows in photo mode when using ray tracing
    • Improved initial load time (by up to 10s on PS4)
    • Minor improvements to texture streaming
    • Improved tree shadows (LOD)
    • Improved fog and water reflections quality
dying light 2 update 1.8

Dying Light 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.