Dying Light: Bad Blood Free But With Conditions

Battle Royale games have been all the rage in the past decade. So a battle royale with zombies should be fun right? Well, Dying Light: Bad Blood should be what you’re looking for. And you can play it for free too! Though, there is a couple of catches.

One, it’s currently only available on PC. So if you’re looking forward to playing it on console you can forget it. Two, you have to own Dying Light in order to get Bad Blood for free. And three, the game is only available in early access so expect a not-so-complete experience for now with bugs and glitches in the way.

Dying Light: Bad Blood places you into a zombie infested map against other players. Fight not only the undead but also the living in your quest to be the last one alive.

Source: PushSquare

Managing Editor