Dying Light Hellraider DLC Final Update to Introduce Much-Needed Weapon

The Deathbringer is slow but it can open up bodies quite quickly.

Techland has now introduced the final update to the popular Dying Light Hellraider DLC.

This is finally the last update for the Hellraider DLC after more than seven years since its introduction. With the update, the armory got reworked and it now has all Hellraid weapons and items to check out. This would be the best area to visit to restock on weapons, get important stuff, and more. If you are feeling fancy, there is also the new Inspect Weapon option, which allows players to admire every single weapon that they found in the dungeon and can be viewed in a glass container.

The big highlight of this new update is the new gun called the Deathbringer. It can shoot two bullets at a time and must be reloaded after firing two shots. While this can be an issue, players who usually use ranged weapons will definitely want to try this out and make strategies to maximize the weapon’s possibilities.

Aside from the revelation of the new weapon, the update offers balancing tweaks, economy changes, bug fixes and more.

Dying Light is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The Hellraid DLC is now available as well.