Starfield finally revealed at Xbox/Bethesda Games Showcase

Starfield is set a thousand years into the future. The game just got revealed moments ago in the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase for E3 2021 by none other than Todd Howard himself. Exclusive to the Xbox Series X | S and PC, players will be able to play it day one on Xbox Game Pass.

There isn’t much gameplay shown, but from the teaser trailer shown to us it could very well be an action-adventure shooter taking place in the midst of space. As per Bethesda, it’s been a game they “dreamt of playing” and is now only available thanks to the advancements in hardware technology.

Starfield is set for release in November 11, 2022. You can check out the trailer for the game right here. For more news on Starfield, stay with us here on Sirus Gaming!