EA Sports is Bringing Back College Football

Game company EA Sports has recently made a surprise announcement on social media, talking about bringing back College Football.

The last college football video game was seen in 2013 and has not been a hint about a new iteration ever since. Until now. EA Sports Vice President and General Manager Daryl Holt has told ESPN in an exclusive interview that it is making a comeback this year.

As we look for the momentum that we’re building on in sports, it all starts with the passion of our fans and the opportunities of what they are interested in. I don’t think there’s a visit where I go outside wearing a piece of EA Sports-branded apparel that someone doesn’t go, ‘Hey, when is college football coming back?’

Holt did not share any more details of a release date yet, but he confirmed that it is making a comeback. To make this work, EA Sports has partnered with collegiate licensing company CLC. This will make sure that all FBS schools, traditions, uniforms, playbooks, and more will be accurate and ready for the game. There will be over 100 teams included.

EA Sports EVP and GM Cam Weber also gave a statement:

We’ve heard from the millions of passionate fans requesting the return of college football video games. We love the energy, tradition and pageantry of college football and I am beyond thrilled to say we are back in development. We have a lot of really exciting work ahead of us, and a great team that is eager to bring a new game to players in the next couple of years.

CLC CEO Cory Moss continues:

We’re very excited to collaborate with EA SPORTS to bring back the college football franchise, one of the most popular collegiate licensed products in our history. The college football video game connects passionate fans to college brands and introduces new fans to the storied traditions, excitement, and game day experience that make college football unique.

Holt promises that they will keep the fans informed as everything develops on their end. They will share more details when things are ready.

EA Sports College Football is back and could be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. No confirmation on the release date or platforms yet.

Source: ESPN, Business Wire