EA Sports UFC 5 Officially Announced with Big Reveal Later

After 3 years, a sequel is finally announced.

EA Sports has officially revealed UFC 5 and a big reveal later this year.

According to EA Sports, UFC 5 is the follow-up to 2020’s MMA game and will be fully revealed this coming September 2023. The official website has also been launched by EA where fans can sign up for more information about it. Details are quite sparse right now and the platforms that the game will be released on are still unknown.

A few years ago, it was reported that the game was originally planned for late 2022. It was also reported that EA was working on reviving the Fighting Night boxing video game franchise, but it seems the development of UFC 5 has caused it to stop. There has been no confirmation yet, but with this announcement, this could have proven the reports.

There was also a studio-wide email sent to the staff of EA Canada. It said that everyone will be focusing on EA Sports UFC 5 for the foreseeable future. “We’re very excited about UFC 5 and… we want to eliminate the split focus that several members of our leadership team have had over the past while so we can solely focus on delivering migration and UFC 5 at high quality.”