EA Sports FC Introduces New Logo and Ultimate Team

A new logo and a brand new Ultimate Team revealed!

EA has now revealed the logo for EA Sports FC, the new FIFA successor with the first few details of the game.

EA Sports FC will be featuring the world’s largest leagues and footballing competitions. This will include the Premier League, the Champions League, and La Liga. FIFA World Cup will be missing since it has now ended its relations with EA.

“Our new brand identity is inspired by the triangles that have been part of EA Sports football for the past 30 years, from the isometric polygons that make up our game to the chemistry triangles that exist in Ultimate Team to the player indicator across every match,” said EA. “The triangle has revolutionized football again and again since the birth of Total Football in the ’70s, now it can serve as a proud badge for the evolutions of football to come.” 

Aside from the new logo, a new report revealed that the new Ultimate Team will include female players for the first time. Players can now play in teams of both male and female players. This report comes from the Twitter account FUTSheriff.

Female players have been featured in FIFA for many years already, but this is the first time that it got featured in the game’s most popular mode. EA has not confirmed this, but the leaker seems to be confident that this is the case.