EA’s Tweet About Single Player Games Gets Them In Trouble Again

They're a 10, but they made the gaming community angry at them again.

EA has once again angered the gaming industry with a new tweet about single player games.

A trend has been gaining popularity as of late from TikTok where content creators would say the phrase “They’re a 10, but”, ranking someone or something with the highest score, but then would say something that could either diminish or raise their rating.

This spread to other social media platforms and one of them was Twitter where some users share their own takes, which are either funny or horrible. EA tried to have their own take, but it ended up with the latter: horribly gone wrong.

EA shared a tweet where they said that “They’re a 10, but they only like playing single-player games.” It quickly got backlash from everyone: from ordinary gamers to game industry personalities. They criticized the post for several reasons, but the common denominator was the fact that EA had actually published and created several single-player games and had better feedback compared to their multiplayer titles. Some mentioned one of their Star Wars games, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and the upcoming sequel Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Respawn Senior Producer Blair Brown criticized EA for them not known what he and his team does for the company. EA BioWare Writer Patrick Weekes also shared his memory of them working hard on Mass Effect 2. Geoff Keighley shared an old newspaper/magazine snippet that has a title “Can a Computer Make You Cry?”, which features Electronic Arts. It seems Keighley is being nostalgic, remembering the old days of EA.

Game publisher Annapurna Interactive also criticized EA’s tweet saying they should have left the tweet in the drafts. The post got thousands of likes, which meant that everyone was in agreement that EA’s post was tasteless.

After a few hours, EA tweeted again saying that the roast was well deserved and again backtracked about single player games. Whether the gaming community is able to forgive them or just move on is up to them.

And now, EA has once again made history for the wrong reasons.